PurseForum Inspired Recipes: Here's Mine, Please Post Yours!

  1. Some recent posts by PurseForumians Inspired me to create this recipe:

    PurseForum Inspired InternationalEcumenicalNotTacos

    Get some of those little filo dough shells.

    Cut up an onion. Very fine.

    Brown some ground beef (Hindus can use ground lamb or chicken, Vegans can use um, that uh, stuff)

    Get a big pan or baking sheet, put some tinfoil on it, spray it with your preferred goo.

    Put the little filo shells on it, put it in a slow oven (around 350 degrees in dollars) for about ten minutes or until they are the perfect golden brown color.

    Put the ground beef on the fire and mash it up.
    Add the onions, let it all cook down.

    Now add a little bit of dried, ground chili anchos, garlic powder, ground cumin mixed together. Or you can use packaged "chili" seasoning, not the whole packet, just about half a teaspoon to a teaspoon, taste it.

    Now add about half a teaspoon (to a teaspoon - taste it) of mixed fenugreek, little bit of cinnamon, teeny bit of cloves, teeny bit of ground cardamom, teeny bit of ground coriander, or if you have any packaged or already blended Arabian, Greek, etc spices, you can use that. Your goal is to season your meat and onions with half Mexican, half Eastern spices.

    Put in a little African cayenne pepper, or a drop or two of habanero sauce, if you like lots of flavor. Leave this part out if you consider such things to be "hot."

    Let it all cook together with about a third of a cup of green chile sauce, or green salsa, whatever your local grocery store provides.

    Add some salt and black pepper, taste it. You don't want it to be super wet.

    Now take your little shells out of the oven, take the meat off the fire, and with a teaspoon, gently fill each little shell with a tiny bit of your InternationalEcumenicalNotTaco mixture.

    Sprinkle half with grated cheddar or jack cheese. If you have some mint that has not died from cold yet, you can use the leaves to decorate the plate, and people who want to can eat them.

    Put out little dishes of chopped chiles, onions, tomatoes, pine nuts, salsa, zazeeki sauce, raita, whatever.

    You can use these for hors d'oeuvres, if for some reason you are confronted with feeding children, they will eat these because they are little and cute and taste good. Or you can make you a whole mess of them and marvel at the alarming number of them your Significant Other will consume, and you will not do too bad yourself.

    They can be made ahead of time, and reheated, but if you do that, leave the little shells in only about 5 minutes. And you can reheat them in a microwave, but anything with filo pastry will be more likely to microwave satisfactorily if they have not been refrigerated.