Purseforum Facebook

  1. Does Purseforum have a facebook account? I searched 400+ results for LV groups and not sure which is the best to join.
  2. No, but there is a group called the purse forum...I remember someone posted a link to it awhile back after they got the ok from the mods to create it.
  3. I don't know the link, but I think it is out there. :yes: Would be a great group to join!
  4. Hey I know the admin of that group. He's on my friends list already. LOL. Facebook just made my world smaller.
  5. Thanks for this - I found it! Amazing to put faces to so many familiar screen names!
  6. hahah woohoo for facebook and purse forum, my two favorite internet hangouts!
  7. Ooh, fantastic! I was wondering this just last night, I'll add myself once I'm home from work. :tup: :wlae: