Pursefanatic85's Collection!

  1. Here is my little collection it's all Coach right now but hopefully that will change soon. I'm currently saving for my first LV maybe I'll have it by December. Enjoy!;)

    In the pics:
    1) spring patchwork hobo w/ flower keyfob, soho twill tote w/ apple coin purse, optic signature ladybug hobo, bandana print makeup case, soho pink leather wallet, & umbrella

    2) khaki signature flap, white signature wallet, khaki signature tote w/ bee & flower scarf, soho ski hobo, white leather mini skinny w/ snowflake & breast cancer awareness keyfobs

    3) fruit cell phone lanyard, python & signature mini ipod cases

    4) lilac signature flap & matching mini skinny

    5) hamptons large hobo
    2006_0627Image0002.jpg 2006_0627Image0005.jpg 2006_0701Image0006.jpg 2006_0731Image0002.jpg 2006_0923Image0002.jpg
  2. Great collection! Love your mini skinnys and your assortment of key fobs! :yes:
  3. The ipod holders are adorable!
  4. I have the same pink ipod holder! Don't you wish they had a plastic part to cover the screen? Grrr.
  5. Love your collection!:yes:
  6. that is one neat collection.. congrats
  7. hot ipods
    thanx for sharing
  8. Here's a few accessories I picked up over the weekend...Patent leather mini in blue & Clover charm.
  9. Beautiful Coaches!!
  10. very cute collection!
  11. Your Soho Ski hobo is FANTASTIC - how has it worn? I eyed those when they came out, but was really worried about it getting too dirty just from light use. Yours is BEAUTIFUL, and your whole collection works together really well.:flowers:
  12. Thanks everyone for the nice comments. queen I haven't used the ski hobo yet I bought it last April at the outlet for $80.00 which imo was a deal. So, I plan on taking it out in December. Hopefully it won't get dirty. I really wanted the brown but they didn't have that so I opted for the next best thing.
  13. great collection, thanks for sharing.
  14. Here is my new Coach tote & spring pastel scribble scarf.
  15. I have always liked that Coach striped twill tote. Very nice!!!