Pursedaughters (jills Daughter!lol)first Gucci Bag!!!!!

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  1. [​IMG]

    here it is ..The Joli Couer messenger ..only 580 in Aruba Gucci store..This is Taylors VERY first Gucci.......sniff..She slept with it ...lmao..I swear.
    Mommy is very proud of her first gucci purchase(its her 11th bday gift!!)
  2. what a very lucky girl. great first gucci bag. Happy Birthday Taylor.
  3. what an awesome present! congrats, its lovely!
  4. Purse-loving is genetic! :smile: When your daughter is in high school she will be the envy of all her friends if she gets to borrow bags from her mommy's vast closet!
  5. I wish my mom would spoil me like this! Great purse!
  6. Ahh very cute, wish i had a girl! I have 2 boys who are purse hating trainees!
  7. All I can say is what a sweet mommy and a lucky Taylor! I slept with my chanel flap when I got it home so I totally understand!
  8. That is soooooooo funny, I did the same! I also walked around the house with PJs and the bag on my shoulder for hours!!!!!!!!! And I am not 11 !
  9. That is so funny!!! You know what I always do? I keep smelling new purchases.... Nothing beats the smell of fresh, new leather..... Oh yeah....
  10. happy birthday Taylor!
  11. I was her age when I got my first Gucci...what a great bag!! You have opened the door for her my dear. Lock your closet.
  12. Very nice. :smile:
  13. i like it, very cute.
  14. I totally agree!!! it's a high. haha!
  15. What a lucky little girl! Care to adopt me? :rolleyes: