PurseBog looks at Gucci Fall 2014

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  1. A nice editorial on the PurseBlog looks at Gucci 2014. And I have to agree with one of the commenters who found these bags absolutely flawless.

    What about you?
    I love the contours, the colors, I agree that these bags are just stunning.
    The entire gallery is here.

    As always, I select a favorite, and here it is....
    (and it was not easy!)

    I am going with this, because I love the color, the shape, everything.

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    Thanks for sharing. I love the new box shoulder bag and the streamlined new jackie. Phew, nearly bought the new jackie with the tassels the other day. So glad I held off… Do you know when these will be making there way into stores?
  3. Absolutely adore the box shoulder bags particularly in exotic skin.:love:
  4. OMG! Thank you for posting!! I'm going to check out the new Jackie. I love it!!!!
  5. So long as they're lined in leather or suede :yes:
  6. You have a good point. They're not. :shucks::crybaby:
  7. Oh no, :-s, how do you know? I rather fancied the pale greenish-grey shoulder bag at the end
  8. I immediately viewed them on line. They look so fine, simple, ageless and classic! Don't get me wrong. I love the look of the shoulder bag as well. It just wouldn't work for me because I don't feel comfortable with a wide base bag that rests a few inches from my body. I love the feel of slinging my bag behind me and being carefree. Even in a refined environment I can turn a suit into a casual vibe (just my style). Let's face it. You and I appreciate wonderfully made bags and one can't go wrong owning any of these Gucci's! :heart:
  9. :hugs:

    I know what you mean, I think I'm now used to such width, protecting the edges of my BTH and finding ways of not getting stuck in doorways :biggrin: Flatter shoulder bags are certainly the more carefree option :yes:
  10. On line where? I don't see them listed on Gucci yet. But the nouvou jackie has leather interior. The A/W 14 jackie is the same as the nouvou fringe, but without the fringe, so I would think these would have leather interior too.
  11. You can see all the details, including bags, shoes and accessories on style.com http://www.style.com/fashionshows/detail/F2014RTW-GUCCI

    Yes, I like the Nouveau Jackie (so un-French to say it that way round :P) even with the fringe (but the fringe wouldn't suit me :sad:) but I think it's very close to the lovely Bouvier I have already in the absolutely perfect colour (Olive). The only neg is the GUCCI blind-stamp on the fronts :-s
  12. Does anyone know how much these bags are? Gorgeous!
  13. Thanks for the RTW Fall link! I am in love with the understated clean lines of their clothing -it simply projects pure elegance. And those exotic skin boots (especially in the pinkish- neutral color) and that fur coat tdf! :drool:
  14. I am in love with these :graucho:

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  15. Im liking the clothing and the Jackie slouchyness look! :P