PurseBlog Shirt Slogan Contest

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  1. PurseBlog Shirt Slogan Contest


    Happy Martin Luther King Day! I hope you all will enjoy today's holiday with your families and friends. As King was a man of great words, this week's contest will challenge your creativity with words. Our member fashionfrenzy pointed out that we could run a line of PurseBlog shirts, which Megs and I find to be an absolutely wonderful idea. And we need your help to make it happen! :nuts:

    This week's task to win one of our two prizes is to come up with a cunning, witty, clever, scandalous, humorous, catchy line or phrase that will be sported on our shirts along with our logo! The possibilities are endless, we want you to blow us off the seat.

    What's there to win?

    - A Coach iPod Mini Case in leather with suede lining and a suede butterfly appliqué on its back
    - A cute lil' LaNeigePurse Mignon Pouch in bright green in leather with playful monkey canvas lining

    See the thread attachments for pictures. Thanks again to Kristy from LaNeigePurse for sponsoring our contest with one of her cute and fun bags.

    How can you win?

    - You have to be a current member at the Purse Forum and have at least 10 posts made before submitting your entries
    - Email me up to three contest entries to vlad{@}purseblog.com and include your forum nickname
    - The contest starts immediately and ends on Sunday, January 22nd at 11:59pm EST

    The 5 best submissions will be selected by Megs and myself and the forum members will then cast a vote on which one should win! The slogan with the most votes wins the main prize, which is the Coach iPod Mini Case, the slogan with the second most votes will receive LaNeige's playful Mignon leather pouch.

    Good luck and Keep On PurseBloggin'! :nuts:
    coach_ipod_mini_case.jpg coach_ipod_mini_case_back.jpg laneige_mignon_green.jpg laneige_mignon_green_flap.jpg
  2. Should you have questions regarding the contest, post them below!

    Remember, contest submissions only via email to me!

  3. hi ya!

    Are international submissions allowed? :biggrin:

  4. awww.... i really wanted to win that ipod case! too bad i'm the least creative person on earth.
  5. This is going to be fun!!!!!:love: :nuts: :nuts:
  6. Of course! Anyone from anywhere may submit! :biggrin:
  7. Wait, I might have read this wrong, but we only need to submit a slogan only?
  8. Slogan only... drawings to come ;)
  9. Star hope you don't mind me using your word, this could be her entry...

    Purse Passionista
    PurseBlog Passionista
  10. "Necessities: Both inside and out"

    The Thrill of the Handbag Hunt
    "I want it, I buy it, I stuff it"

    I'm lame... whee!
    finally joined up here :smile:
  11. This Shirt Makes
    Me Look Even
  12. "I don't discriminate, I love all handbags equally."

    "Huge, Medium, or small... I love them all."

    "Handbags: Make you feel good, even when you're in sweats."

    "I'd donate a kidney for that bag."
  13. Purseblog
    fashionably unreasonable

    I made a little card for it too.
  14. have fun in your handbasket...i'm going to hell in a HANDBAG!
  15. "We Don't Brag! We Bag!"