Purseblog Mentioned In Article About Coach

  1. LOL! They may have done a little research here, but they obviously have no clue just how many true Coach lovers there really are. Just chop this report up as rubbish. Thanks for the headsup on the report!
  2. Lol. That's one interesting article. >_____.
  3. Wow, I do not like that!!!!!!
  4. Eek!:push:
  5. That me makes me a little sad.
    (and guilty for the 13-year-old comment)
  6. It wasn't just disappointing, it was bad reporting. Only a couple of comments were taken out of context to support what the writer was saying. Why not present both sides of the argument? I'll be sticking with Coach no matter what the masses say or do and no matter how many fakes there are out there. A fake can never match the quality of a real Coach bag. Period.
  7. I don't think they were actually saying that coach reads purseblog, they were using it as their own counter-argument to coach's market research. I'd be suprised if coach doesn't read purseblog at least occassionaly though, and after this article they probably will for sure. ;)
  8. Who cares if other people think you buy fake bags like everyone else...they obviously have no room to judge, as if they really knew what they were talking about they would know yours were real in comparison.

    Besides, I don't know about all of you but I buy my stuff to make ME feel good...not anybody else!!! I love my little family and if you guys adore it too...then that is pretty nice! But ultimately, it is my family and it is there for me! :smile::smile::smile::smile:

    That's what makes it awesome!
  9. I hate seeing fakes everywhere, but it won't stop me from buying Coach. There's no comparison between real and fake.
  10. that is exciting and then a big downfall...
  11. I agree that Coach needs to pull back the reigns and take its brand back. They should be working on making their brand more exclusive. I hate to say it, because I love Coach and shopping at the outlets, but they shouldn't have so many outlets and should take their stuff out of TJ Maxx and Marshalls and other discount locations. It would make it harder to get, but would bring back more of their former status. Adding some limited production bags made in the U.S. would also help. I don't want to see this brand fall, but there's so much negativity about it going around, its a bad sign. I hope the company takes notice.
  12. I think even with all of the negativity surrounding Coach, there still isn't a risk that something bad will happen to the company. There are still TONS of people out there who love the brand and consider it something special.

    I just hope they don't try to make themselves more "exclusive" by increasing the prices.
  13. Those knock-offs and fakes only get to me to a certain point. I think people who buy from street vendors know those bags are fakes and can probably spend just so much on a bag. I can remember when i only had $20-30 to spend on a handbag. This still does not justify the copying of the bag. This is where the fakes on eBay get to me. I've seen many fakes on eBay that claim to be "authentic" and here are people bidding hundreds of dollars. I have no qualms reporting this. My DH works for the FBI so he has to report counterfeits, and he has on occasion, told vendors, and sellers on eBay that what they're doing is against the law.

    As for the article and what it said about COACH buyers being upset-- i disagree. I know where my money went, and where i bought it from and i don't like snubbing people because of their handbag-- that happens enough here on PF. Besides what's that adage about "Imitation being the highest form of flattery". If that's the case, then ladies be flattered that so many people want and like COACH bags!
  14. Wow. That was a downer, but I do understand that they're writing from a stock perspective, and we've seen illegal knockoffs could tarnish their brand, which can affect the stock price in terms of what is perceived as a luxury item. But I also see a lot of LV knockoffs, too. I do think it can be frustrating to see so many fakes--especially horrible patchwork ones!

    I've always preferred the leather Coach anyway, but another bonus is that is not easily faked. I think we buy Coach because we appreciate the quality and the design; there's no way I'd get the same satisfaction carrying a $25 model bought off the side of the road.:wtf::yucky::yucky: