PurseBlog Article: How to Tie A Scarf

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  1. This article is fantastic! I’m afraid I get in a rut tying my 90s the same ways all the time,(like two ways, lol :lol:). Thank you so much dear @Notorious Pink for the info and the inspiration to try some new ways to wear my beautiful scarves! :flowers:
  2. You, Mai Tai & Fumi are the standouts for "how to tie your H scarves"
    Thanks for the tips!
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  3. Great reference source for us scarf newbies!
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  4. Great article! I’m very fond of the examples without using a scarf ring!! I am excited to see part two!!:flowers:
  5. I have never heard of Fumi. Do you have a link? TIA!:flowers:
  6. I love your article, dear Notorious Pink! :heart: I'm thinking about getting a Regate scarf ring. I like it so much, especially in style #3! :amuse: Thanks a lot for another awesome article!! :hbeat:
  7. Not OP but she could be referring to this Fumi

  8. Thank you for an excellent article. Already looking forward to the next one.
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  10. Fantastic article @Notorious Pink. I especially liked the scarf ring section, so informative. I look forward to Part 2!
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  11. Great thread! I only really ever tie my scarf one way, ( the first one shown here). That’s how my wonderful SA ( thank you) showed me and I find it really easy. I usually like to be able to take the scarf off and put it back on, without fussing or even having to use a mirror.
    I do have one request: anyone knows a quick way to tie the scarf like a mask? To cover nose and mouth?
  12. Hey Notorious Pink, I'm a dude and I loved your latest article 'How to tie a scarf'. I was out and about this morning going to Walmart, Costco and Dollar Tree (my new luxury stores as of late) and I found myself really paying attention to how Women wear their scarves. It seems that every knot, every wrap, every style has a different personality attached to it. Notorious Pink, I love your writing style, content and subject matter. Thank you for keeping us informed, fashionably aware and providing us with wonderful and fun reads.
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  13. Fantastic article! Thanks so much for sharing. I learned a lot. Can’t wait to try some new tying options.
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  14. Excellent thread! I was just thinking the other day that I wish just a scarf over the head with a simple knot under the chin would come back in fashion. Perhaps we can bring it back since there so many of us missing our stylists?