PurseBlog Article: Breaking Into Hermès Without Breaking the Bankl

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  2. Perfect timing! I’ve been thinking about adding a small wallet, or similar card case, that will fit into my clutches.
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  3. Loved the footnotes! I'm dipping my toe in with clic H, Evelyne TPM and silks.
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  4. Great article, thanks so much! I'm wearing my Constance belt right now as well and love it--it's both luxe AND practical.
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  5. This is another wonderful article! As an aside, I love my compact silk-in too! :heart:

    Two of the first products my younger daughter bought when starting her profile were in tableware. Two H deco mugs at $130 each - dishwasher safe. :smile:
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  6. Congrats on another great article! I loved the story about the stairs given that I did the same thing with a pair of Jack Rogers sandals. Equally dangerous shoes. I have now learned to "scuff" the bottom of potentially deadly footwear ;)
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    Another way to try Hermès without spending too much $ is try to buy vintage bags. I was recently following some Hermès Sherpa backpacks on TheRealReal. There were several fabulous options for well under $1,000. I did not pull the trigger on them because I’m trying to control impulse spending and save up for a bigger purchase.

    Another great article, too.
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  9. Lovely article & many of us are looking forward to the "launch of Hermes lipsticks" which will not break the bank
    so much. LOL
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  10. @Notorious Pink Another great article! I've been thinking about the silk in wallet - you totally sold me on it! From your pics it looks like it fits exactly what I need! Is it slightly smaller than the Bearn Compact wallet?
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  11. Great article, the footnotes are great as well. Thanks for the ever-interesting articles.
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  12. This was a great and well timed article - I have been recently been looking for some SLGs and the Silk'In Compact especially has caught my eye. It's something I definitely intend to add to my collection at some point.

    I loved all of the other suggestions too - especially the belts and belt options.
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  14. Thank you again for taking the time out to provide such great insight - you’ve sold me on the practicality - and sturdiness - of the silk- in wallets- which frankly surprised me !
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  15. Hmm...I’d have to get the measurements. Maybe I can do a comparison shot with the Calvi and Bastia?
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