Purseblog article- Bags from Balenciaga's past and present

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  1. And big congrats to @Kendie26 for being feaured in purseblog round-up July the 8th!
  2. And your contributions along with the beautiful Fendi furballs!
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  3. OH WOW! YOU ARE AWESOME for posting this HQ!! :hugs:CONGRATULATIONS to YOU AGAIN for being in the blog! When I opened it up yesterday on my phone I only saw the pics from the "show us your new purchases/July" thread so I only saw 2 of our Bal gals pics. How in the world did I miss the article you posted?!! Anyway, wow there are some great pics!
    Congrats to ALL the Bal gals...I see PollieJean & rx4d soul pics!! Don't think they wrote rx name but I'd recognize her pic ANYWHERE as it's 1 of my all-time favorite pics of her clutch & rockstuds!! Go Girls:heart::flowers:
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  4. I love the bag that Pollie-Jean is modeling! LOVE!!
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  5. and big congratulations to you for making it to the round-up again!
  6. Oh boy I'm in there too!

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  7. Congrats to you all!!!
  8. Major Congrats piosavsfan! I just looked yours up & saw the most magnificent blue lavande city....looks GREAT!:biggrin: