1. Alcohol + Addiction = Alcoholic

    Chocolate + Addiction = Chocoholic?

    Purses + Addiction = Purseaholic?

    Say what you will, call me the grammar police, but I've never heard of Chocohol or Purseohol.

    Can we come up with a different name for this problem?
  2. LOL your post made me laugh! Purseahol!!
  3. you are assuming that it is a problem

  4. yup no problem here! :angel::whistle:
  5. I don't know about anyone else but I'm a "purse-whore" :biggrin:
  6. "Purseohol" teehee.. you're too funny!
  7. But I don't want to enter rehab.
  8. i think tpf is an enabler to this addiction for sure...
  9. I've got it bad!
  10. ITA:yes: