Purse with big zipper pull?

  1. I have been a couple of places recently where I see girls with big black bags that have buckles on the side and then a pocket in the center with a BIG zipper pull. I'm wondering what brand this is, becuase it seems popular.

  2. Chloe Bay?

  3. :drool::drool:
  4. No, it's a metal pull...let me get a pic of a "lookalike."

  5. I know a lot of Marc Jacobs bags have big pulls like that.
  6. I know what you are talking about. They are hybrid bags to me. it kind of has Chloe paddington details, but on the fron there is a huuuge ass metal zipper pull like the one you posted.

    chances are these aren't branded. they're just one of those "inspired" type bags that you fall upon in a random store. if I find one online, I'll def. post here and let you know
  7. Yes! You hit the nail on the head. Thanks.
  8. Why does the one picture in the auction above show a bag with a tag on it that says Dolce & Gabbana?? Is that who originally designed the bag?
  9. I have seen those with Chloe stamped on them and with Dolce & Gabbana stamped on them. I don't think either brand ever made them. There is s kiosk in my local mall that sells them without any name stamped on them. I think they're just some sort of creative fake.
  10. ugh so many people in my school have those. they all go down to chinatown in NYC to get them. some say chloe others D&G and even some marc jacobs. their just something the people making fakes made up and sold hundreds of.
  11. I was wondering the same thing! I see them all over NYC. As a bag connoisseur, I felt kind of nervous that I was unable to identify this bag...funny that they aren't actually a brand!
  12. Ha! I felt the same way. I know that I keep up with bag trends, and I hadn't seen it at the store. It's not really my cup of tea, but I wondered if it was a Kooba.
  13. If you go on eBay and search "big zipper purse" you will find all of them there. I may or may not have one, and it may or may not be really fun to carry!
  14. I just saw one of these today at Blockbuster and I was wondering about it!! It kind of looked like a MBMJ... but it wasn't anything that I recognized & had a few things that aren't really MJ-isk...

    LOL... great timing on this thread!! I personally like the MBMJ satchels better... they had some yummy ones on the sale table at Saks that were calling my name.... :sweatdrop: Maybe at second cut...