Purse wishlist


Sep 29, 2015
Hi everyone! I am completely new to designer bags. I've been thinking of getting one forever, and it's time to finally do it! The more I started thinking about getting one though, I started feeling that I really need a few!! I am a mom of two little ones, in my 30s, and work, so I have multiple needs. I was hoping you could give me some ideas.

I would like:
- a professional shoulder bag or satchel for work everyday. (Torn on whether to get a lighter neutral color or black). Probably not something too flashy.
- a durable tote for when I'm running around with kids in tow. I like long-champ but seems like so many people around me have it so was looking for something different.
- a premium designer satchel or smaller shoulder bag for nights out. Have my eye on Chanel flap bag but appreciate other ideas since it is soo expensive.
- a GOLD color premium designer purse. I'm Indian and would love something gold to go with all my dressy Indian clothes.

Tia for all your ideas! I love this forum!!


Oct 8, 2011
1) Mulberry Bayswater or Fendi 2jours
2) Fossil Sydney Shopper for non-branded, Goyard or LV Totally for branded
3) Something YSL or Dior Diorama? .
4) Every brand has gold bags, it's a matter of what your tastes are. I would love a gold Diorama.


Mar 31, 2013
Welcome to the forum! :smile:

My suggestions:

- Mulberry Large Willow, Longchamp Roseau or Prada Double Bag.
Roseau is gorgeous and lightweight - I have the classic black short handle tote, and it's perfect for whenever I want to look ultra professional, carry files and all my other junk in style. It's also not flashy, the logo is very subtle and so is the hardware.
Willow is a multi-function bag, that has a detachable clutch at the front to make running out for lunch or switching from daytime work look to business dinner a breeze. The smaller tote also has a shoulder strap.
Prada Double Bag is a very easy style, the saffiano leather is practically indestructible and it's easy to keep organized.

- Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir is hands down the best choice for when you have kids in tow and want something that's durable, stylish, practical and isn't as common as the nylon ones. They have short handles plus a long strap and they come in soo many colors! Another great one from Longchamp is the Le Foulonné City Tote, I saw this IRL a few days ago and it's gorgeous.
If you want nylon, then the Tweedy Plume is for you. It's a new design, fresh and different from the Le Pliage.

- Gucci Disco with a chain strap would be a bit more party-party, cheaper than Chanel and definitely on its way to becoming a classic - only this little bag has some modern edge to it as well.

- By purse, do you mean wallet? Mulberry has a lovely metallic color, "Metallic Mushroom", and they have several different styles in this color. It's very durable despite being a metallic finish!


Oct 9, 2014
- a professional shoulder bag=Mulberry
- a durable tote-Louis vuitton, prada or something by non designer. I carry a simple handmade leather tote from Etsy for everyday haul with my toddler. I like the Liberty London ones as another option.
- a premium designer satchel or smaller shoulder bag-Chanel would be the most popular here but I like the YSL and Bottega
- a GOLD color premium designer purse. I love gold bags and I do think Chanel can do them very well. Mulberry does a nice gold as well.

I'm a big fan of Fendi so if you can put that in there somewhere their bags are really lovely.