Purse which colour???

  1. I sold my bags so that I'm able to get myself a new B-bag tomorrow for my birthday. I want a purse because I already have 2 cities. Here comes my problem: Theresa just has a greige and a sapin left but they will get a new shipment with the new colours caramel and the olive brown pretty soon. I do really like the greige but I'm not sure if I can deal with the handles darkening over time. I don't have any light bag in my collection as I sold my LV MC white. Do you think the greige is too light for fall and winter and it's more a summer bag? Or should I wait until the caramel and olive brown comes inb ut the greige will probably be gone by that time????:shrugs:
    I'm going nuts over this issue, please ladies, HELP!
  2. I have seen a purse in rouge vif..is amazing...!
    I had a greige city and i have now a greige twiggy.. i don't think is only a summer bag
  3. Unfortunately they won't get the purse in rouge vif. They have it in the city. Do you like your greige, l_b?
  4. I like it but not as my new rouge vif city..!!! If you want a rouge vif purse i can buy it for you, there is a store 20 minutes from where i live
  5. Oh, no! I was going to recommend the Rouge vif--I bet it's gorgeous in the Purse style! :heart: I think Greige would be pretty, too. How about Blue India?
  6. I already have a cornflower first and an ink city so another blue bag would be too blue, I guess :smile:
    Thanks l_b I might take you up on this absoloutely generous offer. I'll check the greige again tomorrow to see how I feel with it.
    The rouge city they had was just amazing but my clothes are a lot of brown, beige, jeans and in summer pink so I don't have a lot which would match the rouge vif but it's so tempting.
  7. There is a posting with both the olive brown and caramel on the thread posted by Z & J "Has anyone seen these olive brown bags in person?"- take a look at those and see if you like
  8. Thanks, shoe I already looked at it and it added to my confusion because the caramel and the olive brown are sooo beautiful before seeing those new colours I was 100% sure about the greige but now...
    That's why I called Theresa to find out if they get the caramel and olive and they will but they don't know exactly when.
  9. I think the Greige will be gorgeous, and I think easy to wear all year round. But then again, the Rouge Vif is gorgeous. Hmmmmm. I can see your delimma.

    OK, start again Cal.

    Do you have a Brown bag? The caramel will be gorgeous for a year round bag and is dark enough to not be so worried about the handles. I think it's a good, stable colour that will be easy to use and match your clothing to.
  10. Ohh Tanja . . . that's a hard decision :girlsigh: . . . I would say that the greige purse would look 'edel' (in German, I don't know it in English right now, sorry! hope you understand what I mean?) !! And I don't think it's only for summer. But ok ... the caramel and olive brown are also gorgeous .... hhmmmmmmmmm . . . SORRY, I can't help you very much :sad: !! Good decision and for tomorrow .... a WONDERFUL birthday, enjoy it :flowers: :love:
  11. Ohhhh, forgot to say:

  12. Oh my gosh---I totally forgot--Happy early birthday, Tanja!:flowers:
  13. Girls, you're soo sweet:yes:
    Don't worry Pupster, you didn't forget it, my birthday is tomorrow.
    First you're right the greige would look "edel" (I don't know the word either);)
    cal, I have a Sienna in desert which looks pretty similar and a Edith in chocolate so you're right I do have this colours covered. What I don't have is a light coloured bag which would match my black suit. I do love the rouge vif but I think a red with a more blueish undertone would look better on me.
    Hmmmh it's so difficult! I never had this problem before with the colours I always knew which colour I wanted:smartass: . I'll take my best friend with me tomorrow (who's desperately in love with the grenat city:heart: ) and ask her if greige looks good on me.
    The other thing is that it would be so great to take a new baby home as a birthday present. I think I should sleep over it:sleepy:
  14. ^ Happy Birthday Tanja!!

    Here is what I think...get the greige purse on your special day :yes: I don't think the handles will darken like they do on other bags because you are not carrying the purse in your hands, its a shoulder bag.
  15. First, happy birthday, Tanja! Have a wonderful day! Second, I think a greige Purse would be fabulous! It's a great neutral that is wearable all year long IMO. Let us know what you decide to get.