Purse watching in SF

  1. I was in SF today and I could purse watch for hours there. OMG!!! So many ladies with great bags! LV, Gucci, Fendi, Chanel - everywhere!!!! :wlae: I can get my purse "fix" by just sitting having coffee outside of Union Square! I live 2 hours away and the typical bag I see is fake LV, Coach, and D+B.
  2. Too Funny! I feel the same way at the stanford shopping mall in palo alto...
  3. Yes, that would be a fun place to purse watch too! :graucho:
  4. oooo how fun! I haven't done that in ages... I love Union Square!
  5. Yes, it's great! Has a little of everything, especially F A B U L O U S purses!:love:
  6. That is funny I do that at Bal Harbor and Worth Avenue and on Bond Street in London.. purse watching is so much fun
  7. London would be so fun to purse watch. I wonder how it differs from the states...do you see a lot of Burberry?
  8. I never realized how much attention our bags get until I went into the new NM in Charlotte this weekend. I was carrying my gold metallic Prada. Nearly every SA commented on it. Not just in the handbag section either: every department!! The Prada triangle is pretty subtle on this bag so I was surprised to keep hearing "Love your Prada!"

    Where I live, if it isn't "Agg Nur" (Etienne Aigner) or Dooooneyburke (yup, that's how they pronounce it: as one word!) no one has a CLUE what I've got hanging on my shoulder. Probably a good thing. I really don't want to be mugged by the one gun wielding redneck in this county that DOES know his designer bags.:roflmfao:

  9. You see a lot of Burberry on chavs, but not really on others. London can be a bit disappointing to purse spot in....TONS of fakes around. I moved out to SF at the beginning of the year (from London), and the purse spotting is waaaaay waaaay better. I feel a lot safer taking my purses shopping with me too, in London I was always paranoid that someone was going to snatch it off my shoulder, especially LVs :cursing: