Purse vs. Work


Which rouille style?

  1. Rouille Purse

  2. Rouille Work

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I am trying to decide between the Purse and the Work in rouille. What do you think - I know the depth of the Purse is the big difference and as I usually like larger bags I wondered if this would make a huge difference. Mind you, I already have a rouille Courier. I love :love: the color.
  2. I like both styles but if you already have a larger Rouille maybe the Purse style instead. Both would be beautiful though (be sure to post pictures!)
  3. Purse -- cuz it is a shoulder bag. But if you have the courier and it is a shoulder bag already, then maybe the work. I am not much help, huh?
  4. If you are looking for a shoulder bag I recommend the Purse. It is a great style.
  5. My vote goes to the purse:biggrin:
  6. i love, love, love the work, but in rouille... it would look better in the purse.
  7. hehehe, i voted different! i voted for the WORK style (just because i want one!) hehehe
  8. Purse! I like that it has longer handle straps you can wear on your shoulders.
  9. get the purse, the purse, the purse, the purse, the purse :yes:
  10. I with you bama, PURSE all the way!!!
  11. mmm work is my favorite size in any color...
  12. me too Work in ANY color
  13. My vote goes to the Work!!
    I'm not sure how it would in rouille but I don't like the shape of the Purse
  14. I vote for work! It's more structured than courier, and still big as you like it. Plus I'm still on the fence about the purse style
  15. Love the Work style!