Purse vs. Twiggy

  1. I'm new to the B-bag craze. :P So I'm debating between a Twiggy and a Purse. I'd like a shoulder bag, but I don't think the Twiggy looks great on the shoulder. I've never seen a Purse IRL--how well does this sit on the shoulder? Is it a tight fit? Could someone give me the drop length from the bottom of the strap to the top of the bag? Thanks!
  2. i was just looking at some pics of a purse - the shape is being to grow on me!!! Esp. in the INK!

    i have a twiggy cornflower blue... i find that the shoulder strap sits on my shoulder a lot better than my city for some unknown reason... its not a tight fit at all... its just perfect.... :smile:

    good luck on your search! :smile:
  3. I was thinking about this! It is hard to buy a style online when you have never seen it in real life. Could people post pictures of the twiggy, city, and so on whith the bags on their shoulders? This way we may be able o get a better feel for the bag.
  4. OOH I want a twiggy very badly! But I hear that the purse is very comfortable!!

    haha I'm no help. If I had a choice, I'd just buy every style in every color, for peace of mind.... hehehe a girl can dream, right?
  5. I just measured mine. It is about 5.5".
  6. ^^ thanks! I totally forgot about that thread!
  7. NP! I think that thread and the Documenting Balenciaga Leather thread should get a sticky :yes:
  8. twiggyyyyy!!!
  9. I love both styles! Very hard to say... the Purse definitely wins in shoulder-wearability. I had one for a very short time. But I also love the look of the twiggy especially in the crook of the arm.. not to mention that it holds more than it looks. But after awhile, you probably could put a twiggy on your shoulder since it breaks in. I'm not much help but I hope that enlightens you and your decision! :flowers:
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm trying to figure out if a Purse will fit on my shoulder well... A 5.5" drop doesn't seem like it'd be enough for me...

    I would like to get my bag through Aloha Rag since I'd save on tax and shipping, but I need to be a 100% sure since they charge a $50 restocking fee and I do not want to return the bag!
  11. I ordered a "purse" from Bluefly and immediately sent it back. The handles were not long enough for a comfortable shoulder fit (they were approx. 1.5" longer than my city bag) and the bag was very flat--along the lines of a classique. When I loaded it up it maintained its large flat shape and made me feel like I was carrying a flounder. Don't know why I associated it with a fish but it just sat there, big and flat with no slouch at all. It's possible that the purse becomes slouchy over time, but I wasn't willing to wait and see.

    What about a day hobo? I love this shape and it seems to hang beautifully regardless of how much or how little you tote inside. I also love the Twiggy. I vote for the hobo or the Twiggy (both are on my wish list!).
  12. my vote is for the twiggy.. i just got mine.. i love it..