Purse Videos on Balenciaga's Website

  1. Have you fashionistas watched the videos on Balenciaga's website?

    I love them. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    If not: just go to Balenciaga.com; select videos from the far left corner menu; then choose either "Four Bags" or "The Classic" from the 2nd to left menu.

    Good stuff:drool:
  2. That is really cool. I like the classic one.
  3. luv it
  4. That video goes pretty fast..."The Classic" shape shifts between these bags:

    '03 Mastic with Raised Pewter/Silver Hardware
    '05 Magenta with Brass Raised Hardware
    '02 Caramel Flat Brass First

    And maybe an '01/'02 Black or Chocolate Flat Brass First...but I wasn't sure which one...or if it was just shadow.

    Seems like the perfect Classic collection IMO. I want them!
  5. Is it magenta or rose?
  6. saw these cool, it's actually hard to tell what colour in some lights it looks like the majenta but in most it looks more Rose
  7. cool videos!!!
    thanks for letting us know xija :smile: