Purse Tragedy with a Happy Ending...

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  1. So....I went to meet a friend for coffee last week and we decided to sit outside to enjoy the beautiful sunshine. As we were seated, she accidentally bumped the table, knocking her venti latte over and spilling it all over the table and onto the chair where my Artsy was sitting. YIKES!!

    I started to have an out of body experience....but I reminded myself, "People first, things second." She was so upset that I found myself consoling her! I just grabbed some napkins and wiped Artsy off and told her not to worry about it. We visited for a while and then off to pick up the children....

    Fast forward...it was about three hours before I could get home and really survey the damage. I tried to wipe her down, but only with marginal success. So, I called my lovely SA (who I have known for several years and who has watched me make the transition from career gal to SAHM) and asked her for advice. Despite the fact that I moved about 18 months ago, I have stayed loyal to this smaller store because of their fabulous customer service and because she "gets" me and my bag quirks.

    I explained what happened and she asked me, "What did you say to your friend when it happened?" So I told her that I was strangely calm...we both laughed because this is certainly not my normal MO! And she said, "Your good karma is going to come back to you...send me that bag and I'll have the vachetta replaced for you for free." She went on to say that it would probably take a while due to the holidays, but wasn't that A-W-E-S-O-M-E???? :yahoo:
  2. Great ending~
  3. What a great SA! I'm so happy for you. I love a happy ending:smile:
  4. Wow.. you have a great relationship with your SA! That's more than special these days! :biggrin:

    And I love how you stayed calm with your friend. Sometimes we forget that these things that we love are just bags. They may be expensive bags, but they are just bags. People first, bags second. :biggrin:
  5. That is awesome! Congrats!!
  6. wow so nice of your sa!!!!!!
  7. So true....it's nice to keep maturing as we age, right? ;)
  8. Thats a geat story, I just love happy endings:smile:
  9. That's a really nice story, and you seem like a really good person not to take it out on your friend. Even when things happen clearly by accident, it can be hard not to lash out! I'm happy for you that you're getting your Artsy fixed for free. It'll be good as new when it comes back! :smile:
  10. That's so sweet! I would have freaked out and probably cried all the way home. That's so great how it worked out.
  11. Good things happen to good people! So glad to hear about the happy ending!
  12. Now THAT'S customer service! I'm so happy it worked out so well :smile:
  13. Great story with a few lessons in action...thanks for sharing!
  14. great ending...
  15. Wow amazing story!! Good for you! X