Purse to go for Speedy 30???

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  1. Does anyone have a purse to go for speedy 30? Which size do you have? The website suggest jumbo size but the length on jumbo is 15 in and the speedy is 30 cm in length which is 11.8 in.
  2. You can get an idea of the size organizer that might work best for you by checking out the sizes that they describe for specific type of LV bags on pursebling.com. I have 4 different organizers, but I cannot comment on the Speedy 30, since I have the Speedy 40. The extra jumbo was recommended for the 40, but I found that the Jumbo Pockets Plus worked better for me.
  3. Hmm...someone else can better chime in. I THINK I have the Jumbo (pockets plus) in my 30, but I bought it several years ago so i am not sure. Keep in mind that the speedy is quite wide relative to some bags - what happens is that the Purse to go expands width-wise and becomes less long. I like this better because I think if it were smaller there would be a gap. It actually fits into my speedy 25 too with no problems because it is squishy.
  4. I have the jumbo size for the speedy 30. It fits good inside. The Extra Jumbo fits good in the 35. Now for the 25, the Large size, but I think the large size made everything so tight.
  5. I have the large size and it works great from purse Bling I didn't want a huge huge one since I carry a makeup bag and some other pouches that is didn't want in the actual purse organizer I have it on the side of it (hope that makes sense ) but if you have alot of stuff the jumbo should work fine
  6. Thanks for your replies. Will the purse to go help it keep it's shape? That's the main reason why I want one.
  7. Yes it does maintain shape. Doesn't sag as much. I have the jumbo and there's extra room at the sides (it doesn't fill the whole thing) so I just usually add other things outside of the organizer. I use the same one for my 25 and 30.
  8. I use the jumbo (almost sure) and it works very well for me
  9. I also use a jumbo PTG in all my speedy 30s. It keeps the bag's shape well too!
  10. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm think I'm going to order the red one for pop of color! 😃😃😃
  11. For the Speedy 30 you want to get the Jumbo, mine fits perfectly with some room on the side, but lengthwise is just right. I don't like my speedy to sag or be too structured & I find that this organizer gives me a happy medium.
  12. 30=Jumbo
    35=Extra Jumbo