Purse suggestions for my SIS!!

  1. Hi all - I have a sister, my best friend in the world - who doesn't care a LICK about handbags. I know - how is it that we're related?

    She's never bought herself anything that you could call 'indulgent'. She's 36 and she only started carrying a purse (as opposed to just her wallet) about 5 yrs ago. Aren't genetics WILD?

    HOwever I really want to buy her a nice mid-level purse for Mother's Day. Like me, she's got 3 kids. She carries a lot of my old purses when I don't want them anymore. But I want her to have something NEW.

    My budget in UNDER $400... But I'll go as high as $500 for the right bag. I want something she can carry all year round - that'll match with anything. HAs to be a shoulder bag WITH a zipper.

  2. Hmm - well I love it - but I know she finds buckles way too fussy and chunky. Plus those straps look bulky, likely to slip off the shoulder? Kwim?

    Thanks for responding!
  3. How about this Aleya then?


    $435 - 20% off with code "grechen"


    Bag measures 16.5"w x 12.5"h x 6"d. 22K gold plated hardware.
    Soft, lightly pebbled chianti (deep red) leather

    Thick black grosgrain

    Gold hardware and leather braiding detail

    16.5"w x 12.5"h x 6"d

    Two interior zip, two exterior zip.


    This large bag is sized to fit your essentials plus a change of shoes, a novel, and a bit more - perfect for everyday or travel!

    Shoulder Drop
    9.5" with average slouch
  4. out of topic but passerby? are you in the pic? if you are, then you're so gorgeous!! anyways you can check out rafe ny bags check his webby, rafe.com or kooba?
  5. Hi angelthelson, sadly that isn't me. I'm 51 and as unappealing as that young lady is gorgeous. Pic is off the Retrodelic website.
  6. my natural reaction was to tell you to pick a kooba! but with 3 kids i might suggest against it.

    i don't own any Hayden Harnett but i've heard NOTHING but rave reviews on them and have seen SO many i like i wouldn't know where to begin!

    every time i hear someone has kids i just want to say Dooney & Bourke because they can pretty much get run over by a truck and walk away happy, but definately below your price range. i love the 2 i have but i dont' think they'd suit a mom anyway ;)

    more suggestions to come, i'm doing my research now!
  7. ooo nice... do you have to order it online? Is that price in USD?
  8. At the risk of sounding like a complete KNOB - what is a kooba? I've got to do a search on one b/c I've read that name so much in here but I have no clue what they look like. I tend to float in my little circles and that's it!

    I have one dooney - and it's a great bag. There are no dooney stores in Canada although I've seen them from time to time at Winners.

    I was thinking also of a Coach - or even a Burburry...
  9. Coach would be GREAT for a mother, something LEGACY for sure!!! go to coach and browse their legacy stuff, you're bound to see SOMETHING you like...

    kooba's are delicious, although the spring leather line is a softer leather, which might not be as kid proof as past leather lines they've made. regaurdless, i own one and after hating it (because my cat chewed on it) i now LOVE it and use it wherever i go, regaurdless of what is goin on leather wise.

    my computer is being hellaciously slow, i will post a link to kooba's spring lines in like 2 seconds ;)
  10. I agree something by Coach would be a great gift for a mom.
  11. http://www.kooba.com/shop_kooba_bags.html

    alright there is the link to the bags on Kooba's site.

    the kooba i own (one and only) is a Bonnie, in blonde. i LOVE her.