Purse Style

  1. Can someone post a pic of the purse style? Thanks.
  2. this is my pale rose purse. i love it one of my favourite bags. i'm pretty small, 4 feet 11. so to give u an idea about size.
    P60172.jpg P60174.jpg P60164.jpg
  3. fayden, you look damn good with that purse! i've never even considered that style until i saw it carried in pics from you and other PF gals. now i want one! maybe a blueberry purse???!!!!!!
  4. hi gloss_gal here's my magenta and eggplant purse


  5. everytime i see this photo of you i fall in love with the style all over again!! its so cute on you! :smile:
  6. Thanks Ladies! The bags look great.

    Fayden, you are too cute.
  7. np:love: planning in getting this style?

    I am soooo wanting a grenat purse:graucho: :heart:
  8. Amour, your magenta and eggplant purses are gorgeous as usual!!!! i say GO FOR THE GRENAT PURSE!!!!!!!
  9. grenat purse or grenat work?:shame:
  10. Fayden, You are too cute with that purse. I love the color and style on you.
  11. Amour, i'll say grenat work only because you already have purses in two of the most beautiful and desirable colors!!!!! GO FOR IT sweetie!!!
  12. aw thanks for the compliments!
  13. Not sure. I think I like the city style. The city seems bigger but it can be carried as a shoulder bag right?
  14. Hi there! Are there 2 sizes of this style? Fayden, your Purse looks smaller than mine. Mine's 11 x 17 (inches)... What's your measurement?
  15. Fayden---you are super cute! That pale pink purse looks fabulous on you! :yes:

    Amour---OMG!! Love love your Magenta and Eggplant purses!!!:love: