Purse store

  1. Curious if anyone knows of a store specifically selling only purses? If so, what is the store like? Fancy? Small? etc.. What brands do they carry? Sometimes I get tired of only seeing what is in the local department store. I like to shop in person, not just or only on the internet.
  2. "The Purse Store" (2 locations in Maryland) is a wonderful boutique specializing in handbags. They have a website.
  3. There is a place outside of Philly called Compliments. The sales people are a little overbearing, but they carry some nice stuff...not real hi-end, but botkier, isabella fiore, kooba, etc...lots of evening bags.
  4. ^^The Purse Store has a great website. Authentic, great customer service, family owned.
  5. Thanks for the tips. I travel a lot and love to visit boutique type stores for purses.
  6. Just wanted to add my raves for the Purse Store. I've dealt with them both in person and via the web. Their customer service is first rate.