Purse Stocks


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Jan 4, 2006
I am such a fan of Coach that I bought the company! eerrrr. the stock anyway. I'm just wondering if anyone here is active in the market and has picked some of their favourite retailers, manufacturers etc. related to their purse fancy.

Coach came out with some earnings info today and it was quite good, more retail stores opening in the US and Japan this year.

The ticker is COH
Hmmm maybe that would be a great way for hubby to be excited about me getting new bags & shoes, we own part of the company!

I'm horrible at stocks!!! Use to buy & sell a tiny amount years ago and always took a loss. The only thing I have now is my Oil & Gas company stock that I got as 401k earnings and boy do i wish I had a bunch more of that!!!
I vowed not to buy stocks if I can help it as my work sees to the people who loses a lot of money in stocks and ends up in litigations (like Enron, TYCO and stuff where they misreported earnings). It sucks to have to call a 90 year old man who lost his whole pension cause it's tied up to his stocks. :sad:
vaneea said:
Vista, how do u rate the stock??

I was thinking about buying lvmh.

I've been wondering about some LV stock as well .. I'm not a stock expert, and just trade some retirement funds and my Roth IRA stuff. I really enjoy watching Jim Cramer on Mad Money daily on CNBC ( http://www.thestreet.com ) - a few days back he came on with several LV bags strewen about him and tossed them around the set as he touted the stock .. hehe not a reason to get it but certainly nice to hear an endorsement. He also said to pick it up directly off the French stock exchange and not as an OTC stock... I'm not sure how to do that but am researching it myself right now.

Maybe someone in the forum who's more in-the-know on this can pipe in.