Purse Spotting in TV/Movies

  1. I was watching Joey tonight (please don't judge me for my lousy TV taste) and I noticed two amazing purses that Gina (his sister) was carrying. I was so jealous!

    Last season she carried a lot of great Jewels bags, but now she she gets Fiore and Miu? My eyes nearly rolled back into my head.
  2. Hum... I recently posted about the Miu Miu bag-- it is hit or miss. Let's see if some others can also add to this thread! It seems like a fun one!!
  3. That "My Humps" vid has a bunch of LV in it. Sadly its kind of what inspired me to buy the Neo Speedy :lol:
  4. I love the Fiore but pass on the miu miu. i have seen many pics of the fiore but have not gotten a chance to see it in person. Seems very cute
  5. Purse Spotting in TV/Movies...I can't seem to remember what TV or movie that I watched which made me like LV... I can't seem to remember it...And it's driving me nuts! LOL
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