Purse Snatchers!

  1. Is purse snatching a huge concern in the area where you live?

    It is a bit for me, especially in the Chinatown area. My grandma had her purse snatched at the mall the other day, the guy who grabbed her purse, being the great theif he was, dropped her purse and had already attracted too much attention to go back for it.

    Do you worry about your purses?
  2. I have never seen anyone get their purse snatched. I dont think that it happens very often where I live. Most people in my area have their own fabulous bag over the shoulder so I am not too concerned.
  3. Ithink I worry about getting mugged more!
  4. I didn't think it was a problem in my area until my 89 year old granny's purse was ripped out of her hands a few months ago right in from of her building in a posh neighbourhood!!!:censor: WTF?! I hope whoever did it choked on $45.00 she had in there!!! Miraculously, the purse WAS found and turned in at the local police station (about an hour and a half drive north of where she lives) minus the $$$ of course.
    I just recently took out an insurance policy on all my bags. You never know in this day and age. I think the perfect example of how this world is NUTS is in the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie gets mugged and the guy takes her shoes and purse!
  5. No, not really.

    I live in a Dallas suburb. . . really the worst thing happening out here is people's electronics being stolen. People out here leave their bag at the table in a restaurant when they go to the bathroom, or parked right in their shopping cart at the store.
  6. not in the mall, but maybe in the street though :P
    that's why i don't walk in the street, i prefer to ride by car or taxi.
    and IF i have to got o certain places that's considered to be not safe, i would rather bring my non-designer bags & don't dress like you are straight from the castle or something :smile:
  7. In the residential areas, no. I would be more concerned with the downtown area, where all the casinos are. And I wouldn't go out at night with a nice purse.
  8. back home in Malaysia purse-snatching is a BIG problem, regardless of where you are :mad:. the street where i live is especially dangerous because it faces a playground, and the street lamps almost never work.

    a few years ago my mom was walking out of a drugstore when two men zoomed by on a motorcycle and snatched her bag :wtf:. she said it happened so quickly that she couldn't even register it all. the luckiest thing was that she'd only brought her small coin purse where she sometimes keeps notes in as well, and left all her credit cards and ID at home. the only thing she mourned was her Gucci hobo :lol:
  9. yeux, my friend's camera wal also snatched in fron ot indonesia embassy in KL! in front of embassy?? that's sooo sick
  10. That's why I always put my bag in the shopping cart's kiddie seat and use the kiddie seat belt to lock my bag in the cart. I never stray too far from my cart, but if I want to walk away a few feet or turn my back, having it locked into the cart is going to slow down anyone trying to grab it and run. I'm waiting for the day it happens if for no other reason than to see the look on the face of the would-be thief when he grabs the bag and the whole cart comes with it! :roflmfao:
  11. ^LOL! I put my bag there too, but have never locked her in!

    It would be a funny thing to witness!
  12. Not in my area, I don't think.

    I was in Indonesia a few years ago for vacation, and all my relatives were warning to watch out for my purse. Apparently it's a big problem there.
  13. my area is very safe, as LisaG said, everyone in my neighborhood has their own designer bags, they dont need mine too. and people who are not from my area stick out like a sore thumb and are watched closely as they usually draw so much attention and suspision (sp?) so im safe.. knock on wood!