Purse Snatchers Go After Victims in Roseville Parking Lots

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  1. #1 Aug 16, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2008
    Please, if anyone is within the Roseville/Sacramento, CA area, I demand you to be careful. I normally don't make topics here, but my mom told me about this while she was watching the Olympics. Said there was a news report of several young men snatching purses from women around the Roseville area. If you are ever visiting the Mall there, be careful. I think LV's might be a great target for such lowlives.


    I love the Galliera mall with all my heart and I am making plans to visit it once the expansion is fully complete by the end of this year (LV is finally opening near us too, yay!). But with this report I'm scared to go there myself. Please, be careful!:crybaby:
  2. Yikes, I usually always carry my bag so I can keep an eye on it-hope they get caught soon!
  3. Eek! I think I'm gonna be super paranoid about my LVs once I move - it's pretty safe in Hong Kong to be walking around with designer bags since everyone has them, but if I'm going somewhere sketchy in NYC there's no way I'll be carrying my LV...
  4. Please be careful lovelies. :yes:
  5. thanks for the info
  6. shivvers....going up there to live soon for school....shivers... thanks for the info though, i always like to go around with my purse unzipped too but i don't want to learn my lesson the hard way.
  7. All of the places these women got robbed are within 3 minutes of where I work and one is across the street :s lol
  8. I was just there today and thought about this. The Galleria is SO nice, why do these people have to commit criminal acts there???
  9. I tend to toss my handbag in the car first when emptying a cart. I'm always scared someone is just going to walk up and snatch it while i'm loading the car.

    There are craZy people out there, you just never know.
  10. I'm hearing people in South Florida are driving up on their motorcycles and snatching up purses. Please be aware of your surroundings and hold on tight to your bags!
  11. Actually this has been happening in the area where I live except the purse snatchers are doing this inside the grocery stores! They can't even wait until their victims are outside in the parking lot. :wtf: It was in the news several weeks ago that a couple of the grocery stores I shop at, these women got their purses snatched from them from their shopping carts and hands! They work in teams of two and three and run really fast out of the store and into the car illegally parked outside.

    One time, I was out in the Walmart parking lot and this man and supposedly his wife? kept harrassing me for money - claiming that they need money to put gas into their car. I just wanted to get out of there because they looked really creepy and kind of tossed a quarter at them. Then I quickly got into my car and locked the doors.
  12. This is just a reminder to beware of your surroundings and tightly grip your purse at all times. A friend of mine had her purse snatched and she wouldn't let go, so he drug her for almost a block, while people watched. He got her purse and was never caught. This happened in downtown San Francisco in the Financial District. There were also reports of thieves with sharp knives that would simply slice the shoulder strap and run off with your bag. Always be aware of your surroundings.
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    How scary! Luckily I never carry cash and my motto is "Take my purse not my life" my purse can ALWAYS be replaced. I wouldn't never put up such a fight that the person would get upset enough to be violent towards me.

    And another thing:

    Please don't leave your purses in your carts. This is my worst pet peeve because you are just asking for someone to snatch your purse. I don't care if you are with a foot of your purse, just carry it on your arm/shoulder. If it's uncomfortable doing that, carry some money in your pocket.

    I went to walmart today and that's all I had seen. People putting bags in the car and leaving their purses out in the open for anyone to run and steal. A ton of women left their purses in their carts well walking a few feet away to pick up an item. It only takes a thief a few seconds to snatch it and disappear.