Purse Sizes on the Today Show

  1. I was just checking my TV listings and saw that they are going to have a segment on purse sizes on this morning's Today Show.
  2. hm. As I am so far away, what was the advice?
  3. I saw this on the info under the show, but I missed it- What did they say??
  4. They only really cool bags they showed were the Muse (white) and Fendi Bbag.

    They showed regular people with two different size bags and said which looked better and why.

    Believe it or not they were not promoting the HUGE bags I've heard/seen are all the rage.

    The only really good piece of advice is that if you have a bag and are holding it in your hand with your arm at the side it should not be anywhere near the ground. Duh.
  5. Sounds like I didnt miss much!
  6. Wow, what great advice, just kidding