purse sitter

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  1. what do you guys think about these? does anyone have one/use one?
    i hate putting my purse one the floor (i have a germ phoba! :shame:smile: but i don't really want to look all...i don't know the word...:s

    i think they are cute tho...what do you guys think?

    ps. how do you make a pic appear in the window with out having to click on the attachment link? i've wondered that for a while now...lol
    Chic Fashion 003.gif
  2. These are great to use on the edge of a table (like at a restaurant), in which case the hanging bag isn't out in the open so I don't think people will think you're all....anal or purse obsessed? ;) My coworker gave these out as gifts and everyoen wanted to know where she got them, I went to the store and they told me they can't keep them in stock. So I guess that tells you they're pretty useful!
  3. I heard these are popular among members on the board. I've never seen it used IRL, but I imagine it would be really handy! If you want the photo to appear, once I have the thumbnail attached, I click it open, the copy the link. I go back to edit the quote under advanced, and then click the photo button and paste the link. Sort of around the way, but at least you don't have to use a photo hosting service other than TPF.