Purse Shopping

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  1. Do you dress up when you go purse shopping? I am weird but I like to go in just jeans and a T-shirt and see which SA is nice to me and most helpful even though I don't look like I can afford thier stuff.
  2. Im pretty much always dressed up, unless im staying home.
  3. I just wear my normal clothes (jeans and black t shirt or sweater). I even wear flip flops. But, I do bring a nice bag with me.
  4. no, i'm hardly ever really dressed that nicely. i like being comfy...ish.
  5. i love to dress up, purse shopping or not... ^^

    but sometimes when i'm in not in the mood for dressing up, i wont, n i'd still shop anyway, the most important thing is not ur appearance... (trying to put this in mind... coz i often feel insecure when i'm not well dressed >.<;)
  6. Sometimes, but the most consideration goes into what bag I'll use :lol: Thats the most fun part of the outfit for me anyway.
  7. I'm usally dressed up at all times, I always have been high matinence , and I love to dress , but nothing beats yoga pants and a comfy sweater at home
  8. I feel better about myself and the world when I am dressed well - by that I mean; great jeans, a favorite top and my current hot shoes & bag - hair & make-up in place also - I am more prudent in my choices when I look well - less impulsive. Kind of feel like I can take it or leave it. It's totally an insecurity issue.
  9. Sometimes, but I never forget to bring a nice bag.
  10. just depends on the weather ..
  11. i don't always dress up but i'll at least take a nice bag because i don't want the SAs to snub me. not because i care about what they think of but because that would totally ruin the purchase for me. i'm always excited when i buy a new bag/shoes/etc. and i don't want to leave the store pissed off because the SAs thought i can't afford to shop there. i guess i heard to many stories about rude salespeople.
  12. I am SA and I more likely to help people who dress down more than
    someone who wear a bunch of designer stuff.
    And most of the time people who dress down will buy the product more than people who dress up. Strange huh?
  13. I try to dress nicely when I do any type of shopping (unless I'm just going to the drugstore, or if I'm planning on buying lots of school clothes (who wants to have to dismantle a nice outfit every time you have to try something on?)). I usually have a nice bag with me too. I feel more confident going into the LV store or to the LV counter at Macy's if I have my LV with me because I feel like it shows them that I actually like the brand and that I'm not just some window-shopping teeny-bopper. I also feel like I'm giving the bag a chance to visit the place it came from :P .
  14. I dress how I feel. I don't go out in rags or anything though. I make sure I look at least presentable.
  15. I don't really dress up, I try to match my clothes though. I do pay more attention to what purse I do grab when I go purse shopping. Usually, nothing too extravagant and nothing too cheesy or overdone. Nothing that says "I burn money", but nothing that says "I don't know a good purse from bad" either. It has to be relatively safe choice.