Purse shopping in Europe???

  1. hello all!
    Has anyone recently gone to France or Italy? Well ill be there next week and would like to buy a chanel and lv bag. I was there few years ago and after the conversion from USD to Euros.. it was still 25% cheaper than buying it in the US. Seems like the USD keeps on dropping from the Euros... just not sure if it's still gonna be any cheaper. If anyone has gone to Europe recently.. please let me know.

  2. I was in Italy (Florence) during Thanksgiving. The euro/dollar exchange rate is terrible so very little is a bargain. You need to know the prices of bags here in the US to ensure you are getting a better rate. For instance I found Gucci to be a bit cheaper. Also remember to get your VAT tax refund. I bought a bag and completely forgot to get my form stamped at the airport (it wasn't for much). In 2006 I bought my LV speedy in Paris and saved about $100. Also know what foreign exchange fee your credit card charges you as that can play into the savings as well.

    Make sure you have a calculator with you.
  3. If you check the Vuitton.com , you can see the prices in Euros and I believe in Dollars too. So, you can sort of do a comparison on which bag you want and the price difference. Since the value of the dollar dropped alot, the margin on saving is not as much as it used to be. It also depends on waht rate you can get the Euro for (changes daily). Chanel may be harder because they don't post their prices on their website. But if you ask around on the Chanel subforum, TPF members in Europe may be able to tell you. When I went to Paris for LV, I found it was cheaper to withdraw from an ATM in Europe as opposed to exchanging in the US. Have fun in Europe! :smile:
  4. My friend just (within the last 2 months) bought an LV in Barcelona and it was cheaper (even without VAT, but VAT is an additional help). I'm guessing it's the same price as long as it's in Euros regardless of the country, but I believe France was also cheaper than US. I didn't visit Italy while I was there, but again, I would guess it's cheaper. Not sure about Chanel.
  5. thank you for all the inputs! :smile: