Purse Return Issues, Please Help!!

  1. Hi,

    The story is long and complicated, but I will try to be brief. A few weeks ago I bought a purse from eBay from the UK, and when it arrived to my home in Canada it was obviously a fake. First, I wrote back and forth to the seller. She initially questioned my complaint, and so I opened a dispute with Paypal. She then wrote and offered a refund if I returned the bag and asked me to insure it in case it was lost. Thinking this was reasonable, I did this and advised the seller of my actions. Next, I received a message from Paypal that this seller had herself escalated the dispute to a claim, and that I would need to provide proof that the bag was not authentic. Of course, by this time the bag was already in the mail! Last week I did nothing. Today, I received an e-mail from the seller claiming I had insured the bag for double what I had insured it for, and saying she would not pick up the bag because of the customs duty!! I have honestly tried to do everything right here and now I am so confused. I have no idea what to do next. I would be so grateful if anyone knowledgable about these things could please offer some advice. Please help!
  2. You as the buyer don't have to prove the bag was fake. The seller has to prove the bag is real. If you send a copy of the auction with the receipt for the shipping you should have no problem as long as you insured the package for the auction value of the item. eBay usually sides with the buyer but you will have to send them whatever info you have. Good luck.
  3. When in a Paypal claim that is not true, the buyer is responsible for proving the bag is not real, that is why mypoupette and caroldiva offer authentications in writing for disputes. Unfortunately you get sold a fake and then have to pay even more out of the pocket to prove it is fake...
  4. The seller should not have to pay any duty as the bag is being RETURNED to her - she needs to contact Customs and show her bill of sale.
  5. Thanks so much everyone! A quick update: Paypal settled in my favor. They have returned most of my money and are apparently trying to get the rest from the seller.
  6. So glad to hear everything worked out.