Purse Repair or Refurbishing in Los Angeles?

  1. I recently rediscovered a patent leather Gucci bag in my closet. It's about ten years old and in generally good condition except for a couple of scratches that are small but show up strongly due to the nature of the patent texture. It could also use a good cleaning from having been in storage for a few years.

    Can anyone recommend a place in Los Angeles/Southern California that specializes in specifically purse repair or leather refurbishment? The only places I have found in my search seem geared toward shoes.

  2. I don't know about a place in Los Angeles, but the following was recommended to me. They're based in New York and have a long history of making repairs. I think it's the second generation that now owns the shop:

  3. I pass artbag all the time and he really seems to do wonders with the bags! I saw your post and was just about to post about it but I see the reader above me already did. Artbag is a sweet shop on Madison Avenue. He sells bags that he makes (no label) but specializes in repairs. Good luck!
  4. Try Margaret's Cleaners in San Diego...heres their site http://margarets.com/

    There have been quite a few articles on this place. Good luck.
  5. Arturos Shoe Fix in Beverly Hills fixes a ton of bags -- their shop has all these Chanel and designer bags that people have dropped off. I saw someone picking up their chanel purse.
  6. 3rd and oxford charliechoo! Its a consignment shop + handbag repair shop in los angeles.
  7. Does Gucci do repair & spa services? I think I remember reading that they do. It seems like it would be pretty hard to find a repair shop that could beat the source.