Purse recommendation


Sep 28, 2006
Hi everyone! I am looking to purchase a new purse. I've been carrying the Juicy Couture Leather Fluffy bag in chocolate brown for a while now, and I'm really antsy for a new purse. I'm currently a college student (with no support for purses from anyone, unfortunately :sad: ), so I would really like a purse that's classic, but not incredibly expensive (like that fur Fendi spy that was featured on the blog a few weeks ago).

I do, however, admit that I love Fendi spy bags, and if one could assist me in locating a used (but definitely authentic) spy bag, then that would be greatly appreciated.

I dress pretty conservatively and my style of clothing leans more towards the preppy side, if that is any help at all.

Thank you so much for all of your help -- I really, really appreciate this so much. Thank you.