Purse question

  1. I'm relatively new to the forum, but have loved balenciaga for years. I'm considering the purse style, but i was concerned that it may be too overwhelming on me - i'm only 5'1. what do you guys think. And perhaps someone can post a pic of themself wearing one. Thanks!! :shame:
  2. i've got an emerald b-bag purse & i'm only 5'2 & i'm in :heart: with it!!!
  3. I'm only 5'2" and I have 2 purses, but I do think I'm too small to carry them under my arm. I carry them on my arm or handing from my hand and those ways, for me, I think they're fine.
  4. actually, my favorite way to carry it is under my shoulders :rolleyes:
  5. fayden bought one and she's 4'11", if i remember correctly. it looked cute on her shoulder!
  6. yup i have a purse, totally love it and i'm only 4 feet 11. here is me and crunchy both carrying it! :biggrin:
    P60394.jpg P60164.jpg
  7. aaaaaaaw thanks!!!
  8. hip, hip, hooray for fayden & crunchy, toooooooo cute!!!
  9. WHich colors do you have? I am dying for a magenta:biggrin:
  10. and i want a rouge :heart:
  11. Bal NY had a rouge, calcaire, ice blue purse as of last Saturday. I am not sure if they still have it but you can call them.
  12. whats the drop on the purse?
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