Purse Purchase Progression


Jul 12, 2012
In music, there's a type of music called proggressive rock. Bands such as Genesis, Rush, U2 etc are famous for their progressive rock. Any given song starts off slow but slowly intensifies as the song wears on. The progression can be fast or slow depending on the song.

I'm like this with my purse purchases. When I was a teenager I started off with a Dooney. I was 18 and felt like the bag was the most expensive bag ever! It remember how hard it was to spend that on a bag! However, with the second DB bag it was easier to spend a bit more...less of a shock. Then I moved onto Coach as well. Then more expensive Coach. Fast forward to a few years or so ago when I bought my first LV. And now I just bought another, slightly more expensive LV.

They don't say Gateway bags for no reason! I still like a wide variety and never plan on just buying only premium designer bags tho. I wouldn't have the budget to have such a wide collection of only high end bags.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?


Feb 21, 2012
I did the same thing, but to tell you the truth I am tired of spending hundreds of euros on high end bags....There are so many contemporary designers who make wonderful and high quality purses for MUCH less...
I am thinking of Gerard Darel, Longchamp or Bulga. But there are other brands which you can look at.


Jul 29, 2009
I was well over 50 before I had any designer bags. My first was a $200 Kate Spade that I got for $80 at Winners and I was thrilled to have it even though it is too small for daily use (I use it for church or parties when I don't need much with me).

I agree the first one is the hardest - it took a long time to convince myself to get my first Coach bag, but the next one was easier. I stayed in the $300 range (Coach, LAMB) for a while and then got my first LV (DE Speedy 25) for my 55th (LV in Roman numerals!) birthday.

I don't have any desire to go higher end than LV but I wouldn't mind having another one or two LVs.


Well, that didn't last long.
May 3, 2007
In music, there's a type of music called proggressive rock. Bands such as Genesis, Rush, U2 etc are famous for their progressive rock. Any given song starts off slow but slowly intensifies as the song wears on. The progression can be fast or slow depending on the song.
As a music/art major and audiophile, must strongly disagree with your definition of progressive rock; that's not what it is at all. In this case, the term 'progressive' is more equal to 'advanced'.

But - if that makes you 'feel better' about gaining wisdom in your "progressively" more expensive bags, what the heck! I think it's just a sign that you are learning better quality each time you buy a new bag, that's all ... :biggrin:


Red Soul
Mar 11, 2011
My bag progression was mainly Guess. Coach was my designer gateway. From that's I skipped LV completely and jumped to Burberry. Then Chanel. Now I'm planning to invest in a Celine and Prada. Ultimately, I'd like to own a Birkin.

Shoe wise I was mostly a Guess girl. From that I found Louboutin for my wedding and to be honest, no other designer s compare!


Emma 4ever in my <3
May 23, 2009
I guess I am regressing LOL. I remember my niece informing me to buy one very well constructed bag when I hit middle age. So I purchased a YSL RG which led to a procession of high end bags and now, well let's just say I'm at a wiser rebellious phase and don't want to spend thousands on bags.


Jun 15, 2009
BC, Canada
This was definitely my pattern. Started 3 years ago with Juicy Couture $100 bag from TJ Maxx..I usually stayed under that mark. Swore I would never purchase anything over $1000 on its own. Fast forward to today, when my collection consists of several 2K bags along with less expensive ones. It was a downward spiral for for sure! But I now I will not go past the 4k mark...ok wait haha, I'll revisit in another 3 yrs lol.


Jan 15, 2006
Let's see....well my mom was always all about cheap bags. The more bag the better (but leather only).

At some point I caught on to how bag can help indicate "status" if you will and I started to look for nicer bags.

I ended up getting a brand less leather tote for work from Nordstroms one time. It was around $60 and my most expensive purse at the time. (This was post college).

Then I started hunting around TJ Maxx/Marshalls for nicer bags. Ended up with a super soft Via Spiga hobo for $100. I still have this bag. But it is so old, it is pre-cell phone pockets. I don't use it often anymore. I might have to bust it out soon on a weekend. :smile:

I think I was prompted to join this forum when I was briefly considering saving up for a used Kelly, of finding a Kelly-like bag. I have been coveting these since about age 12 or so. Then reality set in, and I found that one in a size I'd want (or really any size) was ridiculously our of budget.

Then I was ready to "go big" but still in budget. My aunt had a Coach bag. And she had it since I was a teen and it was still looking great. I wasn't sure I wanted Coach, as this was when the logo-ed bags were exploding. And well my mom pretty much banned logos and instilled this belief in me since birth so I thought the only bag choices would suit my style.

I wanted a nice classic bag. I got a Coach Hampton Carryall and it was so expensive for me. After getting gipped on the low-end bags at Ross for a while, I was ready to get a nice polished work bag. Loved that bag. Mine was black with light blue stitching and silver hardware. I even grabbed the matching slingbacks (these are some seriously comfy shoes. I still have them, around 9 years later!).

And it was very interesting how my then CFO started treating me when I was carrying that bag. (She had LV bags, and a Chanel bag) Suddenly she started talking to me about shopping at Nordstom's and Whole Foods and all kinds of other stuff. And she was way nicer to me.

As for purse collecting, I blame Coach actually. I was happy with my lovely Hampton bag, and then the strap had a problem. I took it in for repair. They couldn't fix it. :sad:

They gave me store credit instead (this was like 2 years later). So I went in the store, aiming to replace that bag. But sadly it was discontinued and there was no good structure equivalent. So I just used my credit for a fun bag. A nice orange Coach Ergo Hobo (cute bag!). And some other accessories. And then my hunt for the perfect black bag continued. For a long time. Years.

Anyway. Now my collection looks something like this:
more Coach: 3 Kristen bags: hippie, tote and satchel, 1 Poppy satchel, an MFF Satchel with a top flap (I never did really like this one, it was supposed to replace my hampton carryall but I didn't love it), Pinnacle clutch, a few wristlets
Michael Kors: Jenna, Joan and the newest: the Selma, my perfect black bag, Gunmetal clutch, and a Gunmetal Hobo, Saffiano Hamilton
Kate Spade: a quilted satchel, and a messenger like cross body
Furla: cobalt hobo
Reed Krakoff: bronze kit crossbody (just a few weeks old, and outlet score)
BCBG: black satchel (this was my work bag for a while)
Botkier: a metallic shoulder bag scored at a consignment shop

I have a mental limit of about $500. But I am coveting a Reed Krakoff bag too. We'll see if that happens. I doubt I'll ever cross $1000. Now that I got the MK Selma, it kind of negates the need for an Atlantique. And the Boxer, while lovely, is only a handheld so not too practical for my lifestyle.

But I am ready to pare down. I had a few items on my wishlist over the past year or so, and I have crossed them off. It is time for me to clean up my bag collection. Some of the MK bags will be retired! I tend to be a "collector" but it is one of my goals to pare down everything in my life to just the stuff I love. And not the could have beens.


Apr 22, 2011
the city
I went through something similar the past few years.

My first ever bag was something I bought during my freshman year of college at Urban Outfitters. I stalked the bag for months and I finally got it when it went on sale for about $35 (I can't really remember). I had the hardest time pulling the trigger because I had just starting working and was making minimum wage.

Then a year later, I discovered Longchamp, then MbMJ, and finally Rebecca Minkoff. I haven't moved onto premier designers yet, and have no plans of doing so until I'm finished with all my schooling and get my first real job. My limit right now is $500 and I research like crazy before making any bag purchase. I'm perfectly content with my collection for now.