Purse Posers

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  1. How many of you know somebody who owns, say, a wallet or purse from a "big" brand name, and goes on about it constantly?

    For example, an acquaintance of mine (let's call him R) is big in to Prada. Prada Prada Prada. He bought a wallet recently(This one.), and is constantly going on about how much it cost, and that you know it's authentic because it came with this card and has these marking and blah (clearly bought from eBay). It drives me crazy because I own purses that are worth way more than that, but I never go on about the price, or the label. I just want a quality bag that's pleasing to the eye - he wants everyone to know he owns a major label. He doesn't even wait for people to compliment him on the wallet! He just launches in to: "Have you seen my wallet? It's a Prada!". Urgh. If people compliment me on a purse, I just say thanks. I don't tell them where it's from or how much I paid or who made it unless someone asks me. If he was really as trendy/rich as he wants everyone to think, he wouldn't feel the need to publicise himself like that.

    Does anybody else find posers like that annoying?
  2. I'm not really sure how this make him a "poser" but that would bother me whether he was bragging about a wallet or bragging about his kid. I just think that bragging, regardless of what you're bragging about, is a very unattractive trait.
  3. People who brag about their bags are just trying to show off..they don't purchase it because they love the style/shape/leather. They're doing it because everyone else it has it. It's really annoying and very childish.
  4. Yes, that is very annoying. Personally if I get a new bag that I am just thrilled to the gills with I might send a pic to my close friend to share my excitement. But I don't walk around letting everyone know what it is. Just ignore him...obviously he feels inadequate in some way.
  5. ^ I agree....he just wants the attention that he thinks comes with owning a designer piece. I say let him have his fun and you do your thing!
  6. I have a friend who does that and it's really annoying. Specially since I don't like to brag a lot, it makes me uncomfortable. She will often times draw attention to my purses because she loves them or whatever which starts convos about price and other things I don't like to discuss publicly.
  7. I guess I felt it made him a poser because he owns ONE designer piece that looks like any other men's wallet - except with the Prada name on it. I'm also almost positive he bought it on eBay, but he talks about how much it costs at full price - and I know that's not what he payed for it. It's just empty posturing, thus posing. To me, anyway.

    Either way, I was just really ticked because I just got back from coffee with him and his boyfriend (whom I adore). Forced conversation drives me crazy. :upsidedown:
  8. He sounds like a very insecure person.
  9. I think it's an obsession and not quite bragging.
  10. Ugh. Who wouldn't be annoyed with this? People like that are just a waste of time and energy. I think they just buy bags or any other designer item not because they truly appreciate it and will use it but just to say that "Oh, I can afford this, etc" and to smooth his or her own insecurities.
  11. There are people who are like this about anything and everything, whether it's their house, car, wardrobe, education, vacation, whatever. I agree that it's rooted in insecurity, but that's tough for you to change. Hopefully they will grow up or somehow figure out that it's offputting.
  12. So this guy is more or less a bragger!

    lol! When you said "poser", I was thinking more someone who carried fake bags like they were real! (lots of those and I hate them!)

    I have a guy friend like that he doesn't care about the history just that its "LV" or "Versace"!
  13. Read my below quote ..... throw a birkin on britney spears arm and it doesn't mean she is the part... I am bag obsessed and you guys are the only people I talk purses with....... braggers are ugly.
  14. I only talk about my bag obsession with tpf gals, although my SO knows I am abit obssessed about bags too! as he saw me looking at eBay and declaring certain bags as obvious fakes
  15. Yes, I would find this annoying, but it's actually quite refreshing to see someone excited about something that trivial, and willing to show it. If you think about it, there's not a whole lot of difference between this guy talking on and on about his purchase, and women carrying around bags with the designer logo all over it. They're both screaming about the cost/brand, it's just that one is doing it verbally and the other is doing it visually.