purse pillows! finally a life saver!!

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  1. i remembered having trouble stuffing my flaps using tissues newspaper and sorts. it was tedious hideous and I hate it! finally this is totally a lifesaver!. thought id share.

    this is perfect for my chanel bags my birkins and sorts. my wardrobe is now all statued well. I can finally store my bags amazing. I just wished they had more sizes.

    this is amazing!! will post up the ones I order along with my bags as well.

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  2. Wow this is amazing! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. What is the price point? I found pillows on ebay but they want $39+ depending on size.
  4. I use the air pillow/pouch that I get from shipping boxes.
  5. Anyone could make one probably for 2-3 dollars. Amazing gimmick people think they need to spend money on.

  6. For $39 you can go to a craft store and buy the materials to make 20 of them :smile:. Walgreen also has small travel pillows for under $10.
  7. Me too! They work very well. :smile: i finally found a way to reuse them instead of throwing them away.
  8. Babes! The price is around 10dollars for the smallest one its crazy chic!
  9. That's what I was thinking way too expensive. I believe for my LV speedy I paid $15 for a purse pillow. I wouldn't spend much more than that. Ebay listing is also asking for $14 for shipping $53 for a pillow is insane.
  10. In my opinion, the various pillow products are not effective and do long term damage to the structure of the bag. They push on the bag from the interior out, breaking down the structure over time. There are lots of products that are like pillows, Bag a Vie makes the same thing.

    I guess I'm a bit biased since I designed a shaper myself...
  11. I love how the fabrics are soo plushly fabulous and its not super thick! The price is crazy awesome. Its cheapest anywhere i could find online now
  12. Is this your product? Are you the seller?
  13. Nope but its from my country.So proud! Hehe Whats your shaper babe would love to check out!
  14. Me too! The air pillow is priceless and light weight. :biggrin:
  15. Air pillows? How is that sounds interesting i should give it a try.