Purse patinaing at different rates??

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  1. I've had my noe bb for 3 months now and have been using heavily since then as I don't like white vachetta and wanted it darker sooner than later . I've now noticed though that while the purse's vachetta is patina ing beautifully, the strap is still white and not darkening at the same rate! Has anyone else had this happen? Or maybe know why this may be? Will it even out in time or become even more prominent ??

  2. I think it will even out over time. If you’d like to speed up the process, try leaving just the strap in direct sunlight to let it “tan” while you’re not wearing it.
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  3. I think I remember that someone posted about this on a neverfull. I also have differences in patina on a new speedy but the color difference isn’t as much as yours.
  4. My speedy b has the same thing with one of the chaps! Of course LV said give it time but I have used heavily for over a year.

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  5. Weird. I suntan mine off and on the first year. About 12 minutes. I change it's position every 3 minutes. This really seems to help mine stay even and patina faster. I don't do it every day. A few times a month. Maybe cover the one strap and let the other tan about 6 minutes a day for the next few days.