Purse Party

  1. Anyone ever heard of a purse party? They say they are seconds, not knock offs. I'm pretty new to designer bags and not sure I could tell a good knock off from the real thing. Any tips out there?
  2. Don't go, it's not worth it. They're illegal.
  3. Never heard of one but using the word "seconds" to me is clearly an indication they are indeed knock-offS and not authentic!:sad2:
  4. Never been to one, but I'm pretty sure they're all fakes.
  5. They're notoriously full of fake handbags!
  6. Like everyone else said.. they are a haven for fakes. But I suppose it could be fun to get together with your friends and just not buy anything...maybe?
  7. Well, the person who is hosting does have a good wine collection.
    Maybe I'll just go have a look.
    Thanks for all the replys.

  8. i so agree. i know someone who hosts them several times a year. each time she invites me, i politely decline. i can't find it in my heart to tell her how i really feel:sad: :mad: . my DH always says if you can't afford the real thing then just deal without it:idea: .
  9. If she says that they're seconds then they're probably fake. But there are some legitimate companies that started at-home purse parties.. sort of like a modern day tupperware party. They're usually run by women who design their own stuff and need a cheap way of promoting and selling it.
  10. haha i've gone to one! they're fun! and everything was like.. "inspired" stuff.. not fakes.. didn't buy anything of course (what's a guy to do with purses? lol) but it was fun to talk/socialize... but it was mostly like cedes said, the host designs/makes their own stuff and has a party for it.
  11. Where I live they are high quality fakes and it is illegal. I know one case where the party was busted by police and if not mistaken, the host was arrested. I know they are in good fun, but this is a situation where it turned sour...maybe there was more to the story, but this is what happened.
  12. I have also heard of them getting raided. I would stay away.
  13. Ditto. LV, Coach and kate spade never make seconds. I know that for a fact. I'm not sure about other brands. If you go in and see any of these three, it's definitely fake. I'm pretty sure the same goes with Chanel, Gucci and other brands.
  14. iono about Coach & Kate Spade not making seconds.. but like, they do go on sale often at macy's, and their respective outlets..
  15. They don't. Both corporate offices said so when me and my friend were discussing about this. We called them and they were nice enough to say so. Outlet stuff are end of the season styles or designs made specifically for the outlets. Some are prototypes too.