Purse Party? Ohhhhh No....

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  1. I had to share this story with all my fellow TPF'rs.... I work at a school and they all know that I am into bags. Used to be COACH~ now LV. Anyhooo....a good friend/co-worker asked me to come to a purse party. Now we all know that they are fraudulent items. I was put on the spot and said "sure" as she is good friend. I was able to bow out due to night grad courses etc...and stated I was too busy. She then asked me to come again next spring?! I will have to come up w/ something then too...
    Now~ majority of the teachers at my school have knock-off COACH bags...Ugh...I do not condone fakes and you know what...they are pretty good fakes too:wtf: ...I just feel awkward and cringe knowing they are all supporting fraud. I don't think they realize they are or do you think they just don't care? Just had to share and vent~ Thanks:flowers:
  2. I suggest you find a new job immediately, if not sooner! LOL

  3. next time report the purse party to authories and have them crash it but that would be mean =)
  4. Half the time people don't realize that what they are purchasing at these purse parties aren't "authentic." In other cases people want the recognition for buying said product but aren't willing to pay the price for the luxury goods. In the case of such brands as Coach and Dooney & Bourke, it makes no sense to buy a fake because they are already considered affordable luxury brands and are relatively cheap in comparison to all those other brands that still maintain their high quality standards...

    PS- not trying to come off like a snob, but I believe in working my butt off to buy the nicer things in life and after working at Coach, I really appreciate good craftsmanship.
  5. Good thing you didn't go! Maybe they don't think is fake, but oh well!
  6. I disagree, I think the people that go to these know just what they are getting.

    I know you don't care for coach, but different strokes for different folks...I think the quality, while not at good as LV, is still pretty good, especially for the price....I do totally agree...why fake something so reasonable....anyway,:back2topic:

    Next time she asks you, I would just be ready with another engagement...birthday dinner, etc...if your prepared it will be easy :smile:

    If your really cornered, just politly say...gee, sounds like fun, but I prefer to buy my bags from the store.
  7. I agree with Mr. Posh Spice about "some" people not always knowing what they are buying is not authentic. I have a friend at work that said the other day she loved her Kate Spade and proceeded to tell me she purchased it from a purse party. She didn't know it wasn't authentic...and I couldn't bring myself to tell her. :s Maybe you'll have class again the next time she has it!!! :smile:
  8. I totally agree with all of you...I to am not a snob, but I do beleive products are made accordingly to craftsmanship. I do not want a couch that is "ruined" with one spill~ yes I can buy one for $300.00 sure...is it ruined after one spill?= Yes. Now the couch for $1300 that has been sprayed for resistance has had many spills (too many to count w/ a toddler...milk, juice, apples, chocolate, etc....) I can just wipe it clean w/ a damp cloth. Just a synopsis in reflection. So~ I have decided to buy some of the finer things that will hold their value and remain in great condition over the years. My co-workers comment that I have a lot of clothes/bags etc.... Well I enjoy looking somewhat good and I have pride in my appearance. As I do with my bags....I think think most of them do not realize they are supporting fraud. Too bad...I could never say anything as I would not have a working relationship:shame: anymore...
  9. I suggest you start creating a list of engagements to "suddenly remember" about the next time she's asking you to a purse party!
  10. A lot of people don't realize that these fake bags stem back to child labor and drug rings. Our local news did a segment on buying fake handbags and how they have proven that the money does funnel back to these awful people who do terrible things. If more people realized this, maybe the fakes wouldn't be as popular. Before I got into quality handbags, I didn't think it was such a big deal to buy fakes. I never bought a fake and I've never been to these parties to know who manufactures those bags. Anyway, since I saw that news story, I tell everyone I know about it. I wish the fakes would just go away!:rant:
  11. I concur! Texas Girl!