Purse Party anyone!! this makes me crazy

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  1. Eeewww! How do they have the guts to keep these parties? I mean, it´s illegal and lots of people will know who keeps them.
  2. ugh...I was invited to one a long time ago ...$60 for any purse. I didn't end up going (thank god!). My friend who invited me said that the woman running the party told her that it was legal because they weren't claiming they were real....and the people at the party knew they were fakes....ugh
  3. insane!!
  4. :drinks: good job officers and the anonymous!
  5. ^ Yes, indeed.
  6. It's a good thing they are starting to crack down on the Purse Parties. and 2,200 fake bags, ewww! If i knew I had all those illegal bags in my house, I would have nightmares.
  7. They don't have to think they are real. Selling that is fraudulently labeled will run into trademark laws if it comes to the attention of authorities, which, according to the story, is what happened in this case.

    It would have been smarter to remove the fraudulent labels, and sell the purses for $50 ;)
  8. Yuck. Poor woman, but she had it coming.
  9. I wonder if she was an ebay seller! The one that keeps listing the fakeos for cheap...
  10. That's 2200 fakes we won't be seeing on the streets. Thank goodness for that.
  11. That's alot of bags!
  12. ewwwww... cheap tacky bags for cheap tacky buyers.
  13. Ugh that's horrible!