Purse Party ad in my newspaper

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  1. What on Earth!!! So I am flipping through my Modesto Bee and right there on page A-6 is a big ad for a purse party. I almost spit out my coffee. :wtf:

    "Purse Party-Knock off handbags
    Inspired by the following designers Gucci Coach Prada Brighton Dooney& Bourke Louis Vuitton Fendi Kooba Chanel and Valentino
    Huge one Day Sale
    Prices from $14.95 to $49.95
    Want to host a party? 925-787-6652
    For more information on becoming an independent consultant or to book your party today, email itsapurseparty@yahoo.com or call Nicole"

    How, how is this possible?
    I did not think these were legal???
  2. If they are 'inspired by' the designer then it's legal, horrible I know. If they are trying to be Coach or Chanel and have fake tags and authenticity cards and everything, then that is counterfeit and therefore illegal.
  3. :wtf::hysteric:
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  5. A woman in my town was arrested for having purse parties.
  6. :throwup:

    Designer-inspired bags = yucky.

  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao: @ the party. Did you actually write all the info from the ad? The purse party itself is not legal but also, adding all this info in a thread like this would get you in some trouble in the forum. Just tought I'd let you know, dont get mad ok.
  8. oops, I did not mean to post something I was not supposed to. I copied the ad exactly like it is shown in the paper. I think you can even view it online. If I was not supposed to add something please let me know. I am not advertising for this person. Not that anyone here would be buying fakes anyway.
  9. Yeah, it isn't legal but some people have no idea that there are laws against these types of things. I would just leave the whole situation alone.. and maybe remove her phone number.
  10. Actually Purse Party are legal as long as their merchandises are not counterfeit then its perfectly legal =)
  11. ^Actually NO, as long as the merchandise is not counterfeit or replicas and is "DESIGNER INSPIRED" without the use of the designer's logo then yes, it's legal. Knock-off's normally, when read by any other party means you are getting an item "almost like the real thing" with out the price tag... that includes the logo and design.

    Ahh, wikipedia to the rescue:
    ^If the ad was in a paper (and also available on line) then it's public information that more than just the OP could have found with a simple internet search. If anything I'd probably have left out the email address, and made sure to call up Coach if I called the number and found out replica Coach items would be sold at said party.
  12. Ther is a whole bag store in my area where they advertise on the radio to have " a large selection of lous vuitton, coach, dooney and bourke, vera bradley, and many other high end designer brands for low prices". Its horrible super fake knock offs. I have reported them a few times...still there though! ugh.
  13. My friend went to one of these parties and came back with a fake Dolce and a fake Coach! They were definitely knock offs and not very good replicas.
  14. really? This 3 yr old thread was bumped to defend purse parties? LOL!
    I don't think so :nogood:
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