Purse Parties....

  1. I was reading my local paper this weekend and a huge ad caught my eye: "Purse Party-knock off handbags, look-a-likes to the following Top Fashion Designers" :throwup: She listed all of the top designers of the fake bags too. The 'party' was to be at the local Courtyard Marriot. She has her name, e-mail and contact phone number on this ad which I would love to post but I'm not sure if I'd get in trouble. She is recruiting consultants too. I have the ad but I don't know how to post pics here.

    I'm going to complain to the paper-at least. I would love to post her contact info here.
  2. :throwup:
    Someone needs to go and tell them how wrong it is to buy those!!!

    Okay peeps get your picket signs ready....lets go protest. :P
  3. Ew! Ew! Ew!
  4. I was down the shore for 2 weeks and there was a "bazarr/craft show" going on and I looked through the aisles and found tons of fakes. Not just knock-offs for designer inspired but bags with Balenciaga tags and Chloe and Fendi tags. It was awful! Even the Yu-Gi-Oh cards my son wanted were blantant fakes!
  5. ^^^^This is seriously getting out of hand....
  6. Isn't this illegal?
  7. yes, of course it is illegal. they're crazy enough to POST this on a NEWSPAPER??? nuts
  8. can't you complain to law enforcement?

    Isn't that illegal and why the street vendors and other ppl sell them in their stores get busted?
  9. You could call the newpaper and point out to them that they allowed someone to run an ad advertising an illegal activity. You could also try contacting the local authorities and see what they can do. She must be a blooming idiot to advertise her crime in the paper. :P
  10. I see them sell fakes in Chinatown in NYC everywhere in the shops outright and cops are everwhere and they must know but do absolutely nothing.
  11. I sent the editor an email regarding the ad, I wonder if I'll get a reply. It's a Federal law that is out of the local municipal jurisdiction. I'm still trying to figure out exactly who to give this info to since she lists her name/phone/email and the fact that she is recruiting more sellers and trying to book parties. I'll keep you posted if I find out anymore.
  12. She is very gutsy to place in ad in the paper like that!:wtf: If I were you, I would go there with a video camera and film as the party gets busted!:nuts:
  13. if that party hasn't happened, maybe call the hotel it is being held at and complain, tell them it is illegal and you'll call the cops!
  14. www.stopfakes.gov I think you can report it here, but i don't know if it will help.
  15. Yes, it's illegal unfortunately, many people don't know.