Purse Parties & Kooba's?

  1. Ikes, I was at the mall last night & there was a big display advertising purse parties, a glass case full of bags & a number to call to sponser your own party...

    In this glass case they had a Jade Lucy that actually looked pretty good leatherwise. Mind you, it was in a darker area of the mall, but I was walking by the back of the case & saw the studs & told my daughter "that looks like a Kooba", then coming around and seeing it was an ad for a purse party? Whoa!

    It looks like the exact color! These darn fakers are even duplicating the older, popular bags. I guess it fills a need, since Kooba is no longer making anything close to this style, but they shouldn't be capitalizing the Kooba name to further their business!
  2. I hate those fake bags they have selling in the middle of the Mall. I wonder what they meant by purse party. Is it where you go and buy fakes?
  3. This must be a new take on mall fakes! I didn't see any other bags but these in the case & a number to call to host your own "purse party".

    It's like a tupperware party; you invite friends and order from the display bags...but they're all fake, so I'm not sure how it's legal?

    My daughter in law goes to these & carried a LV from there (which the handles broke on almost straight away) so she knows all about them. What a waste of money, if you ask me. I'm just sad that they are copying the beautiful Lucy. I wonder if that's why there's been so many on eBay lately?
  4. Sorry if I'm going off-topic here, but what I don't understand is how those vendors can sell the fake bags in the middle of the mall. Isn't it illegal to sell fake bags? So how come they are allowed in all the malls? I want to puke when I walk past the kiosk in our mall. And people actually buy these things!

    And same goes for the purse parties, how do they get away with it legally?
  5. I hate the kiosk's with all those nasty bags also. But.....if you look at the bags they don't have designer names on the bags (at least the shouldn't if they are selling them in the mall). No Kooba, LV, coach etc... and the C's on the coach are not really c's etc...so they are considered "designer inspired" and not fakes. Now I have heard that the bags being sold at purse parties have designer names on them and that would be a fake and is illegal.

    at any rate they are tacky and gross and I can't believe anyone would buy them. I'd rather save my money and get one real bag if that was all I could afford.
  6. I would like to go to a purse party just so I could see the ugly stuff they had. Come on now, wouldn't you like to have a real Kooba swinging on your arm making those other women drool?
  7. Hey that gives me an idea, I'm going to give my local mall a call (it rhymes!) and see what they do about that, the counterfeit bags from vendors...I'll let you know what I find out!
  8. OK I called Kingsway Garden Mall in Edmonton and they said that they don't have a policy at all regarding the selling of fake merchandise. I told her that there is one vendor in the mall that does sell bags that actually say LV Louis Vuitton on them...but she said that if she acknowledges that they are not real then there is nothing they can do, which makes absolutely no sense to me! I guess people will keep selling if people keep buying :nogood:
  9. Try calling Louis Vuitton directly - I bet they wouldn't be too thrilled. I know they have a big division of the company to deal with counterfeit merchandise. That is just so wrong that it would be right out in the open like that (not that it's okay if it's behind closed doors, but you know what I mean).
  10. ITA! There was a small shop that opened near my home that sold all kinds of fake stuff, LV, Prada, coach. The woman there even had the nerve to tell me it was authentic. I ended up calling coach directly and not long after the store was shut down. It can't hurt, call them!