pURSE pAGE = pUrSE fOrUM?///

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  1. Ok I was browsing the web and notice that there is a very similar page like the purse forum that is call purse page ? is it own/made by the same peoples that created tpf? the web page looks very similar?????:confused1:
  2. I doubt it.
  3. Nope it's a cheap "knockoff" of this site. They copy all the blog posts and pictures, mine is in there somewhere too. There's another topic on this too, let me find it.
  4. that would be a big, fat NO! LOL!
  5. Thats so krazy..... thx for clarifyng it girls
  6. once an info is on the internet anyone can use it, that's sad but it's the reality. If I post my picture in here then it's not mine anymore, anyone can use it, I know that's scary.

  7. You really need to stop posting false information.
  8. what exactly mean ???
  9. ^^I believe she means that just because you post a picture, it is still YOURS and NO one is entitled to use it without permission-not free for anyone's use as the previous poster insinuated.

  10. True, anyone CAN use it, because there is no way to prevent them from using it. Is it legal and kosher to do so? Hardly.

    Copyright are hard to reinforce, especially with such a vast amount of information that circles on the Internet.

  11. ^^^she is not giving false info at all, it is totally true!
  12. To answer the original question, that site has absolutely nothing to do with our site- not one bit at all. :tdown:
  13. lol~ what a silly looking site in comparison to the real deal!!
  14. Hi All,

    This is Marco from the purse page. I never posted here because I dont want to disturb Megs and Vlad's site, but I saw this thread and wanted to respond.

    Im not sure if this thread is about my site, or about that the other site Lvbabydoll posted about, helpdb, which I never heard of.

    I just wanted to say that, if youre talking about my site, it's 100% origional reviews. We've never copied a review or any text from anywhere.
    We have a message board too but it's 100% origional posts as well.
    Yes we reviews bags as well but so do dozens other sites.

    Anyways The Purse Blog is #1 for bags, it will always be #1 as it should be. This is an amazing site and I don't know Megs of Vlad, but from what I've read they're fantastic. So I hope you dont think we've stolen reviews because we wrote our reviews ourselves.

    Anyways just wanted to clear our name in case we were being called copycats. And if not, then...nevermind :smile:

    All the best and I wish you continued success.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.