purse owners, would u buy a 2k jacket

  1. just saw my fav jacket on sale that has been spotted in several magazines (sarah jessica parker owns one too). But after all that 40% off, it's still over 2k. While i dont have a problem buying a same price bag, but a jacket...
  2. A Chanel jacket is a classic, if you love the style go for it. I think it's nice to be versatile and give up a bag for a jacket or something you will get plenty of wear out of. It depends on how many bags you have already?
  3. yes i would!
  4. A Chanel or other high end designer jacket that is timeless and made with impecable taste and quality; yes I would in a heartbeat!
  5. I would and did. I saw the black boucle double breasted jacket earlier in the season and it was almost $4K. Got it when it went on sale. It seemed like a no-brainer. It's a basic piece and as timeless as the classic purses.
  6. Absolutely! Especially if it's a Chanel!
  7. I would in a heartbeat. The CHANEL jackets are beautiful and timeless.
  8. I would also buy it! 40% off is an awesome deal!
  9. I can only dream of finding a Chanel jacket in my size and colour... at a discount! Lucky you!! :yes:
  10. I would in a flash...but then never eat again so I would always fit in it...hehehe.:rolleyes:
  11. Without a doubt! And I did- got my first Chanel jacket this season at the NM sale. It's a mid thigh tweed and I love it! To bad it's hot as h**l and I can't wear it yet:sweatdrop:
  12. I used to shell out $$$ on designer clothing such as Chanel jackets. No more. Too dressy. Even with jeans. Now I am reallocating my limited fundings to designer bags and accessories because you can wear them every day. My formula works this way
    Nice bag + inexpensive outfit (you need to have a good taste here) = fabulous but not flashy. This way you don't look like you are trying too hard.
    This rule doesn't apply to weddings, black tie parties or any special occasions. I still wear my Chanel to those functions. So you probably need one or two Chanel jackets or dress for those.
    But of course, if you are one of the lucky few who can afford both, then go for it! I know I can't. So hands down Chanel bags for me.
    Oh I forgot to add: You don't do well with clothing when you resell it. I can only get a small fraction of what I paid back. That is another reason I stopped buying them. I haven't sold a Chanel bag yet but I ought to believe you can get at least 50% or even 70% of what you paid back if you take care of your bag.
  13. I'd have to really, really love the jacket!!!
  14. Oh yeah :yes:. I'd pay full price if I really loved it :tup:.
  15. I've bought jackets in that range, it doesn't bother me as long as its something I can use :smile: