Purse Owners....? photos

  1. Do you carry your bag on your shoulder only; or can you carry it on the crook of your arm too? I was wondering if you carry it on your arm that the bag would be too long....?

    Just wondering. I think it's such a beautiful bag. Perhaps my next b-bag!

    p.s. I'd love to see more purse photo's, either carrying them or in general if anyone has some! :flowers:
  2. I carry both ways and it looks perfect!:yes:
  3. i carry the purse both ways, on my shoulder and on my arm. once it gets filled, the shape very much looks like a cross between a twiggy and a city, so it doesn't look odd when you carry it on your arm.

    the purse is really my favorite shape of all the b-bags.
  4. welp, i carry my purse on my shoulder 'cause it's so comfy that way :tender:
  5. ^^I love that bag. Emerald purse is on my wishlist.
  6. awe, that's so sweet, me & miss emerald thank you very much!!! :tender:
  7. I carry mine both ways. It looks just fine in the crook of the arm.