Purse Organizers

  1. Does anyone use one? I like the idea of having a more organized bag and easier bag switches in the morning, but they look kind of cheesy to me. What do you think? Have you tried one?
  2. I don't think they're cheesy, after all, they're on the inside of your bag, and no one will see unless you let them

    That being said, I haven't gotten one for my spy yet, I kinda like rummaging around trying to find stuff in there :P
  3. I have one that I love :love: , called a purseliner by Talbery. I kinda wish I had bought another one, I got it at Saks and they no longer carry it. :sad2: It's very durable too, it still looks brand new...I bought it about 5 years ago. It makes it so easy for me to change purse everyday. It comes in 3 sizes, I have the large since I only own big bags. Maybe I could find it online?!
    Talbery Handbag Liner - 75.JPG Talbery - Inside.JPG Talbery - Demo 1.JPG Talbery - Demo 2.JPG Talbery - Demo 3.JPG Talbery - Demo 4.JPG
  4. I have a large Purseket, but it doesn't really fit any of my bags right, so I haven't used it. I did find another one online that looks good. It's by Bagmate, and it looks just like the one that pursemama posted above. I'm thinking about getting that one.
  5. I have never heard of a purse organizer. Does it add bulk? I don't use a wallet just cash, a cc, and my d/l just so i don't have bulk.
  6. I don't use one. I like digging. LOL.
  7. I don't use organizers. I really don't carry around a whole heck of a lot so it's not a problem for me, and sometimes I switch my bags twice a day.
  8. I think Talbery may have merged with or been subsumed under Bagmate.
  9. Neat! I like the idea of just pulling the liner out and putting it in another purse. Wouldn't it add some weight, though?
  10. The weight's what I'm worried about with the Bagmate. I e-mailed them through their Web site to ask how much they weigh, and I never got a response.
  11. I don't use a purse organizer, but I think my purse is pretty organized. My strategy - group 'like' things into portable little packets.

    1) I keep a very small wallet with only essentials, like cash, ATM card, driver's license, insurance, vehicle reg., gym card, one Am Ex and one Visa.
    2) Then I have a smallish pouch with all the other credit cards, store cards and frequent buyer cards. If the pocketbook I'm using on a particular day is too small, I just omit this fat little package.
    3) A make-up pouch with sample sizes (and a full lipstick and masquera) for touch-ups, Shout wipes, nail file.
    4) Business card holder.
    5) Coin holder.
    6) Blackberry.
    7) A couple of pens.

    Every package has a different color so it's easy to grab the right thing without grubbing around too much. By bunching the little stuff this way, switching from one bag to another is fast and easy. Plus, it keeps the inside of my bags cleaner.
  12. i've never tried one..
  13. I've never tried one, but I dont think they'd be cheesy. Anyways, if it helps save time I would get one vs having to dig around for forever because I hate when people start staring you down for say holding up the line in the grocery store because you cant find your checkbook LOL
  14. I have a cheap purse organizer from JC Penney's. I don't think it's cheesy because nobody sees it anyways. I don't like to waste time digging in my bag. Besides, even if it is cheesy, I think it's kind of fun to know you've got a tacky thing inside your bag that nobody knows about.
  15. I dont have an organizer but I do use pouches and clutches inside my bags. It keeps things neat and clean and really does make switching bags easier.