Purse organizers for your loose stuff

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  1. I had a pu:confused1:rse organizer once...you put your stuff in it, then just switch it fron one bag to another, and you can FIND things! But that was for bigger bags than the small to medium Chanel classic flap. Does anyone know of a brand that fits these purses? There are several styles on the internet, but they look too big. I even tried small zip lock bags (from various products), but that looks kind of tacky. There is a system online of see through bags that stick together with velcro ( you use as many as you need) and then there are the drop in or wrap around styles..most too tall for Chanel. One company says it will make to fit. Advice?Thanks, I am hopeless at editing what I need to carry, and then finding it in my purses!
  2. I've read that Muji do good purse organisers, they have an online store as well.
  3. Do you think the small purseket would fit? It doesn't look like it fits as though...
  4. here's the one of Muji - seems like a nice one...

    However since I dont have access to muji in our country, i use this... very helpful, like a chameleon...

    it's actually a bit smaller than the one on the pic... and softer material, very light. for a flap maybe the smallerr one will be better. this is a medium. retails ffor less than $10.
  5. oops, sorry forgot to attach...

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  6. But where do you find these? People mentioned Muji, whch has a web site in Japanese. I also heard they are opening a store in Soho in NYC (where I live), but where did you see or find this? There is a store on the internet which says they can make kits to order...dawntreaderstudio, but have not tried them. The kit you showed is adorable..if it fits in a chanel bag, which ae not meant for carrying much...sigh!
  7. Hi , is this msg meant for me? i also dont know where to get the muji organizer, since we dont have one here in our country. If you're using it on a chanel flap, i dont think it's practical, i use it inside my cambon and it is doing well...
  8. :angel:RE: Organizers for chanel Bag: I went to a company called Dawntreader, They are making me one to order in a smalk size, a wrap around style. I will advise as to how it works!
  9. just my opinion, i dont like the wrap around type like the purseket bec although they're organized the middle part is still in limbo andd i cant switch from bag to bag.. foor the flaps, i have an extra lesportsac zippered flat pouch to put my junk.
    the bag organizer i posted is available at
  10. Bump! This thread need some bumps! :biggrin:

    Anyone has any good recommendations for Bag Organizers? For different sizes...M/L to Maxi & 225-227? TIA!
  11. There is an eBay seller who makes purse organizers, based on the measurements of the bag you give to her.


    I do not see anything for sale currently, though. She has been around for a few years and she has great feedback. Maybe email her to see if she could make one for you, if this is something you are interested in?